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I've always been a writer. If you want tons of free information, I have hundreds of free researched answers on Quora and hundreds of blog posts available.

Before I came down with colon cancer, I'd also written a few books. As I know more about a subject than I can explain in a patient visit, it just made sense to write it down for later.

But getting colon cancer and surviving made me appreciate how little real information is available for patients.

Sure, we can all look up the generic, broad-based information on a dozen sites. But I wanted something in depth on my illness, colon cancer. I went looking, I contacted the big nonprofit colon cancer charities. There was nothing. The best they could do was a small chapter in a general book about diet and cancer. So I researched, wrote the book for myself, and then published it for everyone else.

I realized as I researched that most medical information on the web is strictly for marketing purposes. None of it is for us as patients, it's for us as consumers.

My books are written by me for you. You pay me for taking the time to go through all the research and give you what I found. I boil down hundreds of studies into a dense slurry of information. Then I simplify.

I send it out to my patient readers who tell me it's confusing, and I simplify again. Only when they understand it do I package it all up and send it out to you.

My process isn't a multi-layer institutional model, with marketing executives and advertising gurus vetoing what I write.

My books are by a patient (who is lucky enough to have a medical degree and a love of research), editing by patients, and given to you, my patient readers. Yes, the process is rough around the edges (we strive for readability, and dream of perfection). But it's also fresh, likely ten years ahead of anything else you'll read. Unlike the books in the bookstore, I'm reading this month's research and publishing the book this year. By the time you get the exact same information from a mainstream book, it will be ten years from now.

Could you get the same information from doing your own research? Of course. If you want to spend the next three months scanning pubmed, please, here's the link to get started. (I'd start with the word Cochrane in your search to bring up the largest reviews.)

Can you get the same information through blog posts from well-known experts? Not really, because they're going to answer simple questions, not wrestle with difficult answers. You might piece together some of the same information, but you might miss the larger context of the study they're talking about.

Or, you could pay me the pittance I ask for having done the research for you. (If any of you live in a world where it's not a pittance, email me. I will send you the material. I survived colon cancer to help people.)

How do you get my books? I use Amazon (because they're big) and Smashwords (because they're independent). Smashwords gets my books out to ibooks, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, etc. I began with the Colon Cancer Diet, and now have expanded to the point where I need to list them all on a separate website for medical books.

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