Adrenal Checklist

Adrenal Checklist

A. Reformatting recent traumas. Write down your deepest feelings on four consecutive nights.

B. Watching for exercise/exhaustion. Movement up to the point of exhaustion, not beyond.

C. Sleeping in 1 1/2 hour cycles. Even if you don’t sleep, sleep when you can in multiples.

D. Not expecting more energy than you have. Do not work to exhaustion. Taking breaks shortens healing.

E. Adaptogen herbs: astragalus, ginseng.

F. Licorice trial (cortisol maintaining).

G. Watching for insulin bumps and a decrease in adrenal function (sleeping after meals). Eat every two hours.

H. DHEA prehormone for individuals with chronic fatigue. May become any hormone in the body.

I. 7 Keto DHEA prehormone directly linked to cortisol production.

J. Methylprednisolone long acting adrenal hormone. (Prescription only).