What Do I Do?

I could give you a laundry list of what I might help with and leave out your diagnosis. It’s easier to email me (docmaloneynd@gmail.com) and ask.

There are three areas that I have uncommon success.

1) Multiple symptoms that don’t match a specific diagnosis. Rather than treating three diseases, we need to treat one whole process. I have had success when multiple doctors from various backgrounds and specialties have been baffled.

2) A real second opinion. Unless your doctor has told you about functional medicine, Chinese medicine, energic medicine, emotional/physical medicine, and Ayurvedic medicine you haven’t gotten the whole picture of treatment options.

3) Chronic pain that defies diagnosis. If you have pain, but lack visible organic illness, it is likely that your current doctors think that pain is mental rather than physical. My own view is that the body holds and maintains physical pain in response to chronic stress, and will continue to do so unless allowed to release it.

Here are links to hundreds of my specific answers, giving a sense of how I think about illness. They will take you to my blog (below) or Quora (over 500k views).