My Treatment Plan (Generic)

A User’s Guide To Dr. Maloney

(Or, Can I Get This Guy On The Phone?)

Who Am I?

A Naturopathic Doctor, an evidence-based old time doctor who treats with household foods and lifestyle change whenever he can. I look out ten years into the future when I think about my prescriptions.

When Should I See You?

“When you get hit by a bus, go see an M.D. If you just feel like you were, it’s time to see me.” I’d love to see you before you feel that bad, but I understand that most of us are too busy for pain unless it really gets our attention.

Will You Work With My Family Doctor And Specialists?

Yes. No single doctor can be as good as a team.

Will It Cost Me A Lot of Money?

I charge $100 an hour. My visits are one and a half hours, so the cost is $150. doesn’t cover me, so if you have coverage I will be more expensive.

Privacy Policy

I will maintain your trust and confidentiality in all situations.


When you call, you will get voicemail. I can answer your questions easier if you text to my email:

Missed appointments

My other patients have asked me to have a policy that requires two days notice if you want to change an appointment. It is so I can help someone else at your time. If you miss an appointment (without an emergency) you will be charged for half the cost of the visit.


I do not respond in the modern sense. Think of sending me an email in the same way you would sending someone else a snail mail. I will get back, but it may take me a few days. Often this is because I want to look something up for you and need time to do so. Thanks for understanding!

Thanks for reading!

Basic Treatment Guidelines (Things I wish I did every day)

One Hundred Abdominal Breaths

Place your hand on your abdomen. Practice filling your belly without lifting your shoulders. Exhale with force, tightening your stomach. Practice at stop lights, in line, etc.

Visualize Healing

Relax. Imagine breathing in light, healing, or relaxation and exhaling dark, pain, or tension. Picture yourself well. How does it feel? Your immune system will respond by lowering inflammation.


Establish a routine. Sleep before midnight, in 1 ½ hour segments (normal REM) to awaken rested. (3 hours, 6 hours, 7 ½ hours, etc.)

Movement and Play

Move daily. Do something fun. Imitate your pets, children, or friends. Laughter is essential for stress management and a healthy heart.


Drink until you urinate every two hours. You do not feel thirst until you are two quarts low. End showers with a brief cold to wake up in the morning.


Seek out wonderful food that happens to be healthy. Break your food habits weekly. Variety and color. Do not deprive yourself. Chew thoroughly.

Gut Bugs

We can live in a healthy relationship with ourselves. Cravings may not be from you, especially if they make you feel worse after you eat them. Probiotics are part of a healthy diet.


Give your liver a break once a month. Avoid carcinogens, excess alcohol, and environmental toxins. Eat dark leafy greens and cultivate a taste for bitter foods that move bile.


Skin is our largest organ. Brush it lightly toward the heart to help your lymph drain and to stimulate healthy growth.


Brainstorm to meet your needs. Beyond the essential, think of other things. Serve people and use money, not the other way around.


Surround yourself with positive people. Seek them out. Become one.


Cultivate a religion, organized or your own. Practice it every day.


Surround yourself with your own soundtrack. We are all the heroes of our own lives. If this isn’t true yet, change the script.

The Relaxation Response

Dr. Benson describes the practice of the" Relaxation Response" technique as follows:

1. Sit quietly in a comfortable position.

2. Close your eyes.

3. Deeply relax all your muscles, beginning at your feet and progressing up to your face. Keep them relaxed.

4. Breathe through your nose. Become aware of your breathing. As you breathe out, say the word, "ONE," silently to yourself. For example breathe IN... OUT, "ONE; IN...OUT, "ONE", etc. Breathe easily and naturally.

5. Continue for 10 to 20 minutes. You may open your eyes to check the time, but do not use an alarm. When you finish, sit quietly for several minutes, at first with your eyes closed and later with your eyes opened. Do not stand up for a few minutes.

6. Maintain a passive attitude and permit relaxation to occur at its own pace. When distracting thoughts occur, try to ignore them by not dwelling on them and return to repeating "ONE". With practice, the response should come with little effort. Practice the technique once or twice daily, but not within two hours after any meal, since the digestive processes seem to interfere with the elicitation of the Relaxation Response.

Resource: Benson, Herbert, The Relaxation Response, New York: William Morrow and Company, Inc., 1977, p.114]

Anxiety, depression, fatigue, and infertility: statistically significant decreases in anxiety, depression, and fatigue as well as increases in vigor. In addition, 34% of these women became pregnant within 6 months of completing the program. Fertil Steril 1990 Feb;53(2):246-9


Pick something important to you (God, Money, Relationships, Time,)

What is your first memory of this?

How did your parents experience it? What did they teach you?

What negative experiences have you had with this?

How is this holding you back in your life?

How do you move forward? (Problem avoidance/goal setter?)

Write down twenty sentences about this. (_________ is/are…….)

What positive experiences have you had with this?

To what do you attribute those positive experiences?

Go back to your twenty sentences and rewrite them as positive statements about you and your future.

Can you put all twenty sentences into a single positive statement that will act as a goal?

Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Eat only the following organically grown foods for 21 days

Steamed vegetables:

Eat a variety of any and all vegetables that you tolerate. Avoid tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant and bell peppers. Yams, sweet potatoes, and squash are allowed. The primary reason for using steamed vegetables is that steaming improves the utilization or the availability of the food substances and it reduces the irritating residue in the gut, allowing it to restore itself.


Any nut that you can tolerate except peanuts (actually a legume).


Eat a variety of any legumes you are able to tolerate: split peas, lentils, kidney beans, pinto beans, soybeans, mung beans, garbanzo beans, aduki & azuki beans.


Eat one to two cups of cooked grains per day of those you tolerate.

Allowed grains are: millet, basmati or brown rice, quinoa, barley, buckwheat, oatmeal, and amaranth. Other grain foods that may be eaten are rice crisps and wasa crackers. In general, plan meals so that bread is not required (rice and beans instead of tacos, celery and nut butter or a chicken salad instead of a sandwich).


Deep sea fish is preferred (salmon, halibut, cod, sardines, tuna, mackerel - no shellfish or swordfish). The fish should be poached, baked, steamed, or broiled.


Eat only white meat and do not eat the skin. The chicken should be baked, broiled, or steamed. Free-range or organic chicken is preferable.


Eat 1 or 2 pieces of practically any fruit except citrus. Apples, pears, bananas, U.S. grapes, peaches, apricots, mangos, papayas are all acceptable. If possible, bake the fruit for easier digestion.


Very small amounts of maple syrup, rice syrup, barley syrup and honey may be used.

Absolutely no sugar, Nutrasweet, or any other sweetener is allowed. Often sugar cravings can be avoided by eating protein with each meal.


For butter, mix together 1 pound of butter and 1 cup of extra virgin olive oil (from a new dark jar). Whip at room temperature and store in the refrigerator. Provides the benefits and taste of butter and essential fatty acids. Use extra virgin olive oil for all other situations requiring oil.

Herbal teas and good water to drink

Drink 8 to 10 glasses of clean water every day. Drink 2 to 4 cups of herbal tea, sipped slowly in the evening.

For the time-being, avoid the following foods:

Dairy products (milk, cheese, yogurt, kefir). Eggs. Fried foods. Processed foods. Wheat products (breads, muffins, doughnuts, etc.). Corn products (chips, tacos, enchiladas). All caffeinated products. If necessary, wean down with green tea. Alcohol of all kinds. Potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, green and red bell peppers. Citrus (grapefruit, oranges, lime, lemon). Peanuts and peanut butter (substitute almond butter if necessary). Meat - red meat and especially pork and pork products. Sugar, Nutrasweet, and all sweeteners (except maple syrup and honey)

Week Menu

The biggest change in many diets is in breakfast. Experiment with having "dinner" in the morning, either prepared the night before or made fresh.

B-Oatmeal (add sunflower or flax, dried fruit), L-chicken salad, fruit, D-rice and beans.

B-Protein smoothie (banana, protein powder, other fruit), L-leftover rice and beans, D-baked salmon and salad.

B-alternative grain cereal with soy milk, Snack-almonds, L-california rolls/sushi, D-bean soup.

B-rice and lentils, L-buckwheat soba, D-Indian curry over rice with steamed vegetables.

B-almond butter on rice toast, L- soy cheese on rice crackers, D-chicken with sweet potatoes.

B-spaghetti squash with raisins, maple syrup, and cinnamon. L-split pea soup D-Stir fry.

B-barley soup L-chicken with steamed vegetables D-Thai take out with baked apples (cinnamon and maple syrup) for dessert.

A change in diet means a opening a whole new world. In reexamining our food, we reexamine our past and our present. Unconscious habits, learned early in childhood, become conscious. An unexamined plate is not worth eating.

Home Medicine

What herbs and supplements does Dr. Maloney have on hand for his family? All of the following are available through Full Script/Emerson Ecologics (1-800-654-4432) or you can go on my website. Then find the same brand cheaper elsewhere if you’d like.

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Liquid Calcium Magnesium Orange-Vanilla 2:1

Integrative Therapeutics 16 oz (constipation, bone health, and muscle pains) Product Code: SKU: ITI-10020

It tastes like a bad orange-vanilla milkshake. It keeps my boys regular, and prevents “growing pains”.

LiquiD3 Liquid Rx Vitamins 2000 IU 1 oz Product Code: SKU: RXV-3010

We take 2,000 IU three times a week. Here in the northeast, we don’t get enough D.

S.B.C.(Saccharomyces Boulardii) Douglas Labs 50 caps Product Code: SKU: DL-930250X

Whenever we have a belly upset, we take a probiotic, a non-disease causing yeast, sacchromyces boulardii. It survives antibiotic exposure, but may constipate (see above).

Nordic Berries Gummy Berries Nordic Naturals 120 berries Product Code: SKU: NORD-30120

I have found that Nordic berries can act as both multivitamin and reward for children.

DHA Junior Nordic Naturals 180 gels Product Code: SKU: NORD-03180

Another easy sell is the strawberry flavored fish oil capsule, distilled for purity.

Adults can use: Arctic Omega Lemon Liquid Nordic Naturals Product Code: SKU: NORD-04103

Men Over 40™ One Daily Iron Free Innate Response Product Code: SKU: INR-40125

My multivitamin that I take maybe once a week. Whole food, independently tested.

Women Over 40™ One Daily Innate Response Product Code: SKU: INR-40124

My wife is MUCH more consistent about taking her supplements. But over time, we found that she was getting too much and it was making her ill. The current one works better.

Garlic Extract 300mg Vital Nutrients Product Code: SKU: VN-GE

For cold prevention, garlic contains a low-grade antibiotic/antiviral.

Sambucus Black Elderberry Syrup Integrative Therapeutics Product Code: SKU: ITI-70653

This is black elderberry in a concentrated form. If I can’t find elderberry jam, I use this in addition to fresh garlic to nip colds in the bud. I also use something I call “toxic sludge,” but it is prescription only. (Throatease Wise Woman Herbals SKU: WWH-2THCO) Ask me for it if you feel yourself coming down with something.

Alive! Rice Pea Shake (vanilla) Boericke & Tafel Product Code: SKU: NW-15545

One scoop in the family smoothie. All your vitamins in a shake.