Skin rash on the Palm: Causes, symptoms and Treatment

Contact dermatitis (skin rash with redness and itching) is one of the most common forms of skin rash, especially on the hands. An allergic reaction to an allergen (a substance that causes skin irritation) is caused by this skin condition. Chemicals and various other substances are often the culprit. But even water, soap and sweat sometimes causes contact dermatitis.

Dry Skin

Dry skin may affect the palms. People who come into contact with substances that cause extreme drought and live in a dry climate are contributing factors. Proper protection and moisturizing creams alleviate symptoms, but sometimes the dry skin expands and cracks or flakes on the skin develop. Scratching certainly does not help with dry skin. This creates even more damage to the skin so that the natural moisture is retained and occasionally even a bacterial infection comes about.

Dyshidrotic Dermatitis

Dyshidrotic dermatitis is a skin condition with unknown etiology where a lot of vesicles end up on the skin. The disease has a preference for the hands and feet. Possible risk factors for the disease include long-lasting fungal infections of the feet, a hypersensitivity to certain medications, allergies and emotional stress . The skin rash is accompanied by itching and excessive scratching. As a result, the blisters burst and a clear discharge appears.


Bacteria usually cause endocarditis , an inflammation of the inside of the heart. Fever , shivering and sweating are typical, but often other complaints also appear, such as small, dark spots on the skin or red, painless skin spots on the palms and soles of the feet.


When a patient is infected with chickenpox and is cured, the virus remains active in the nervous tissue of the spinal cord and brain. After a while, the virus becomes active again and a painful skin rash develops with blistering on the trunk. In a number of patients with shingles , the palms and parts of the face are also affected by the skin rash. This disease is self-limiting; the symptoms gradually disappear within a few weeks, but the pain sometimes remains a long time.

Hand, foot and mouth disease

In young children, the hand, foot and mouth disease sometimes appears . On the palms of the hands, but also on the soles of the feet and other parts of the body, pink bumps and spots appear that change into gray blisters and blisters. After peeling, the skin rash disappears spontaneously.


The skin of the palms, soles or trunk is dry and / or flaky in the hereditary skin disease ichthyosis , and possibly also thickened and / or itchy.


A treatment is not always required. Soothing and moisturizing creams are useful in dry skin because they moisturize the skin. A protective cream is also useful for preventing a dry skin.

Professional Medical Care

In case of a rash on the palm of the hand with etiology unknown to the patient, it is wise to consult a doctor because this sometimes indicates a more serious and even life-threatening condition. Some skin conditions are also rapidly progressive. A quick diagnosis and treatment are then needed to prevent complications.