Fables about hair loss

There is so much nonsense about hair loss, and so many hair care products promise you a bunch of hair, as it used to be that it is time for some order to bring in this chaos.

The panacea

Has your stylist ever offered you a wonder drink, lotion or shampoo for hair loss? Have you bought pills or products on the internet that promise to stop hair loss and grow new hair? Of course you have that. We have all done.

The three medically recognized products

You wonder where all these products come from. After all, there are only 3 medically recognized products for the treatment of hair loss, namely: Minoxidil, Finasteride and the Hairmax laser comb. And even with those three products, preservation of the hair that is still present, ie no further hair loss, is counted as a good result.

We want to believe it so badly

Do you really think that there is a secret cure for our hair loss? That we got back the hair we had aged 18? That there are products that the media have missed and that are now discovered by Tibetan monks?

And that the ingredients grow very high in the Himalayas what the expensive price must explain? Chinese claims are doing very well too. The market is always ripe for scams in hair loss. Why? We want to believe it, wishfull thinking. And we want it now and it should not be too much trouble.

Research into hair growth medicines

There are many, many people eagerly looking for a means to cure hair loss. And if it is found, you know it directly in this world of internet. A real hair growth product is worth billions. Do you remember when Minoxidil was discovered? It could be read on all front pages of all newspapers.

The facts

Let's start with the simple facts of hair loss. We then talk about hereditary hair loss. First, there must be a hereditary factor. That does not have to be of the immediate family. For example, if your mother's brother is hereditary, it can also happen to you. It sometimes also generates generations. As a second factor, we know DHT (Dihydrotestosterone). Some hair follicles shrink slowly and die due to the presence of DHT. This causes 95% of all hair loss. DHT is naturally produced in your body when the enzyme 5 alpha-reductase is combined with the hormone testosterone. In both men and women, this is called alopecia androgenetica or hereditary hair loss.

The consequences

Your hair follicles are not blocked, malnourished or suffer from a bad blood circulation. They die by the DHT. This is what causes hair loss. Anything that can stop hair loss, cure baldness or have hair regrow must therefore block DHT or negate the effects of DHT. This can only happen at a molecular level in your body.