Clear Pores

Beauty from the inside

To look young and radiant, we naturally take care of care products, make-up or dietary supplements. But there is another important factor ...

Beauty from the outside

Beauty and anti-aging often only consider (expensive) creams, serums, masks and anti-wrinkle products. Although this may produce a more or less visible result, the effect of these products is directed at the skin surface and the active ingredients usually do not penetrate to the 'living' deeper skin layers.


Certainly, the importance of a good and healthy diet should not be forgotten. After all, the skin is nourished from the inside and a poor, one-sided dietary pattern can result in, among other things, a pale, relaxed skin, brittle hair and brittle nails. And getting the right amount of vitamins every day is also necessary to look good. But in addition, the inner also plays a very important role.

Someone who is self-aware or self-assured also exudes this. Being self-assured is something other than being arrogant. Remember that an inferiority complex or insecurity only gets in the way. Pay special attention to your good qualities, external pluses and skills. Do not listen to negative comments from other people, but start from your own inner strength and realize that everyone is unique in his own way!

Dealing with beauty flaws or Negatives

There is something wrong with everyone. Do not disturb yourself excessively all the minuses of yourself, that only yields a negative self-image. Usually people only view the overall picture and they will often not be bothered by any 'beauty flaws' in another. People are often too busy with other worries.

Think young

Do not put the emphasis on getting older, but live in the 'now. Surround yourself, if possible, with younger people and stay active. Try to be satisfied, the appearance is good.

Care for Relaxation

Having too much worries or fear about certain things can cause hair loss, rashes, nail biting, etc. Take time to unwind regularly and try to let go of problems as much as possible.

Stay Positive

Try to be positive in life. If there are negative thoughts, try to turn them into positive thoughts. If that does not work, then look for relaxation or entertainment. With a negative view of life everything seems much worse and heavier. A gloomy and worried appearance is the result.


Say aloud positive affirmations a few times a day, such as: I am valuable, I am loving, I am loved, etc. Keep these sentences in the present tense. Speaking positive affirmations will benefit self-esteem.


See yourself in thought how you want to be. Try to see all details as well as possible for you. Visualize yourself with a smooth, beautiful skin, beautiful hair, etc. Do this daily about ten minutes to fifteen minutes. If desired, this can be repeated later in the day. Sleeping is a good option, because in a relaxed state you are most receptive to the positive influence of the visualization.

Beautiful from the inside

Someone who is often concerned with 'bad' and negative thoughts about others also exudes this. People with a good and loving character generally also look friendly and loving. The inner being is reflected in the appearance, especially the eyes are the mirrors of the soul. If you are comfortable with yourself and you are in balance, the appearance will also benefit from this. Also following your heart, so that you will do what you really want, can help. Once you have found your life goal and happiness, you will radiate from within and that is with no cosmetic means to achieve ...