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The Beauty of Truly Natural make-up

Natural Make-up

Natural make-up or naturally made-up is often laced with foundation and natural colors, but a natural look is also possible to show some irregularities, as long as the natural beauty of a human being is expressed. The art of a natural make-up is to bring out the specific characteristics - what makes people so beautiful - of a face well.

Basic Materials

Because every face is different and you do not work with a lot of make-up in natural colors, it is important to look at the face. There are some basic products that should not be lacking in a truly natural make-up.


The skin has a good day cream and is actually separate from the make-up. Find a good day cream with your skin and apply it first (after cleansing your skin, of course).

To consider whether you need a foundation, it is good to look at the skin. After all, a natural face is not taut in color, but has nuances. If you have an even skin, you may want to omit the foundation. But you can also opt for a colored day cream or a foundation that is very thin and has a light haze on the skin, but is transparent. Choose the latter if you think that there are just too many irregularities in your face.

A skin with small nuances that you do not find disturbing, you can perhaps spend the day without rouge. The slight nuance can give your skin some playfulness and depth. If you have chosen a fuller foundation that is more covered or moderately transparent, your face will be more even in color and it may be good to add some rouge in a beige / brown shade. This can give your skin a natural effect again. When applying, look carefully at the shape of the face and be careful with rouge.


The eyes are always provided with mascara in natural colors, unless you have deeply colored eyelashes of yourself. Depending on the face, a warm brown tan mascara is beautiful or yet it is calibrated black. Do not put the eyes too heavy, but make sure that the eyelash ends are well provided with mascara. Leave eye pencils away as much as possible. At the most a deep brown eye pencil under the eye, to emphasize it slightly. Wipe the line with eg a cotton swab, otherwise it may be too heavy. Do not forget the eyebrows and can be signed with a special pencil. But with a natural make-up, also assume a natural form. An eyeshadow can be omitted, but a warm brown / beige tint can also emphasize the eyes in the right form. Be careful with eyeshadow at all events.


The mouth knows no bright colors with a natural make-up, but pink red shades that fit close to the lip color are allowed. Not too much shine, because that makes it less natural. A gloss is also allowed, but a gloss with a nice soft gloss. Especially no glitter in the lipstick or gloss.


Every face is commercially attractive or does not have anything you can let jump out of it. If you lay out yourself, the question is whether you know this yourself or if you dare to come forward. With the professional it is the quality of the man or woman to bring this to the fore.

It can also be anything, but you can think of:

speaking eyes (in terms of shape bambi-like or just almond, but can also be a remarkable color or beautifully long and curly eyelashes)

high cheekbones

striking mouth (eg thick lips, big mouth / smile, pronounced color)

nice skin

Emphasize the Eyecatcher

To emphasize the eyecatcher it is important to tackle the rest of your face, which is part of a natural make-up, very neutral. Always use soft colors that belong to nature and the colors of the body. Beige / brown tones, soft rosy colors and off-white / sand color.

Some Examples

The eyecatcher can then bring you more to the fore with the natural colors. Think of the eyes, where you want to emphasize the shape. Leave the thick black lines away, but work with an eyeliner in a warm color and create a subtle line to emphasize the shape. Apply two layers of mascara and curl the eyelashes with an eyelash curler if desired. This gives you a more open view.

But the mouth can also be an eye-catcher. If it is the shape, make sure that you draw the lip line with natural color, highlight it if necessary, and color lipstick with the same color lipstick. But if the color is striking, work only with a soft gloss.

If you have striking cheekbones, make sure you use a good soft color rouge, emphasize the cheekbones.


But always combine it with a neutral make-up in soft colors. That way you get a natural make-up overall, but you just emphasize that one aspect of your face a bit more. No thick pancakes or other layers on top of each other and no emphatic lines in your face that often only make it harder.

All brands have the natural colors in the assortment, only pay attention to a glitter in neutral colors. There are quite a few brands that want to incorporate a more or lesser brilliance in the make-up. This can be nice, but if you want a natural make-up, then this is not part of it.

Attach the natural make-up with a fixation (a spray that puts an invisible protective layer over the face). Several brands carry this product, but among others The Bodyshop has a nice one that also moisturizes, namely Vitamin E face mist.