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What is a Fungal Nail?

A fungal nail (also called: nail nail, onychomycosis) is a nail that is infected with a fungus or a yeast. This causes changes to the nail plate. Fungal nails are very common. The majority of the fungal nails (98%) can be found at the feet. Fungal infections on the fingernails are rare. you could try these out

What does a fungal nail look like?

A fungal infection on the nail can present itself in different ways. Common symptoms are:

* the partial release of the nail plate at the top of the nail (distal onycholysis),

* horn formation under the nail plate causing it to be pushed upwards.

* superficial white discoloration of the nail plate (superficial mycosis).

Eventually, in some cases, the entire nail plate can be lost.

How does fungus develop on the Nails?

Most fungal nails are caused by the common skin fungus Trichophyton rubrum (70%) of the cases and Trichophyton mentagrophytes (20%). The other 10% causes include Candida species. This leaflet focuses on infections with fungi from the trichophyton family.

It is suspected that most fungal nails originate from a fungal infection of the skin that skips on the nail plate.


Who will get it?

Older people have an approximately 30 times greater chance of developing a fungal nail than children. The cause of this is not entirely clear. It is possible that the fact that children's nails grow faster than nails from adults plays a role here.

Should fungal nail be treated?

In most cases, fungal nails do not need to be treated because they can not do any harm medically. In people with diabetes, a generally reduced resistance or repeated wound sore infections on the leg, treatment of fungal nails can be of medical importance.

How can the Treatment take Place?

With a fungal infection, the fungal threads grow throughout the thickness of the nail plate. Local antifungal drugs in cream form will therefore not work sufficiently against fungal nails. The active substance in the cream penetrates insufficiently into the nail plate. There is special nail polish with amorolfine developed that penetrates better to the fungi in the nail. The nail must then be pretreated prior to each treatment, for example with a file for an optimal result.

Also fungal nails with oral anti-fungal drugs can be treated. You can choose between terbinafine tablets and itraconazole capsules. To combat the fungus effectively, treatment of several months is often required.

In recent years, attempts have also been made to combat fungal infection with laser. The idea behind the treatment is that the laser heats the nail in such a way that the fungus dies. Although the treatment with laser is already widely used and the results of small studies in the literature are positive, more scientific research is needed on the effectiveness of this treatment.

If the fungal nails give purely cosmetic complaints, the question is whether a long-term treatment with oral medicines is justified. Although side effects of the antimycotics mentioned above are not seen very frequently, a good balance has always to be found between the benefits of the treatment and the risks involved. Most dermatologists will therefore only proceed to prescribe oral medications for fungal nails at the patient's explicit request.

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What are the Prospects?

When the treatment is well done, a healthy, fungal nail will emerge at the base of the nail. Since the nails on the feet only grow at a speed of about 1.5 mm per month, it sometimes takes a whole year before the infected part of the nail has completely grown. Unfortunately, a new fungal infection may show up over time and the symptoms may start again ...

Try a cream or gel, Otherwise, the doctor may also prescribe creams or gels that have fungicidal properties or contain urea-urea helps to absorb excess moisture. Some of these treatments require a doctor's prescription, while others are freely available.

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