Safety Rules & More



To ensure a safe and healthy aquatic experience for ALL.

No Refunds. No Rain Checks. No Re-admittance. No coolers. No outside food.


    • The pool manager or lifeguard on duty has the authority to enforce these rules and may remove any patron who violates these rules from the Morris Pool.

    • Lifeguards are responsible for enforcing safety rules and responding to emergencies. Parents/Guardians must supervise their children. All patrons must obey lifeguards.

    • No Refunds. No Rain Checks. No Re-admittance.

    • There is a 10-minute break before every "top of the hour." Adults may swim in the swim lanes only during this break.

    • All injuries occurring within the pool area or restrooms must be reported to the manager on duty immediately.

    • Management reserves the right to impose rules not written for health & safety reasons.

    • Swimming is prohibited at outdoor swimming pools when lightening is present, including a 30-minute period after lightening is observed.

    • The Morris Pool and/or its employees are not responsible for lost/stolen items. We do offer a free system to safely stow your items.

    • Running, profanity, pushing, causing undue disturbance, or any conduct that may endanger the welfare of self or other patrons is prohibited.

    • No swimming underneath the guard stands; this is out of their line of vision.

    • Diving from the deck is not permitted. Diving and flipping into pool is only permitted from diving boards.

    • No talking with lifeguards on duty or anything that may distract the guards from their duties.

    • It is a state law that swimmers must wear clean swim wear. No clothes, shoes, and other non-swim wear is permitted while swimming in the pool or using the splash pad.

    • We want you to have a safe and healthy experience here at the Morris Pool. Please follow the rules. Thank you.

  • WHAT YOU MAY/MAY NOT BRING (Food, Drink, and other Items)

    • Coolers and outside food are not permitted inside the facility during open swim hours, with the exception of water in sealed, plastic containers. Bags are subject to inspection. No food, gum, drinks, glassware, or tobacco are allowed. Littering is prohibited. A concession stand is available. Food, drink, and gum are only permitted in the picnic area. This does not apply to parties properly booked through the pool administration.

    • You may bring your own lawn chair/umbrella providing it doesn't "overtake" the deck.

    • Adult-sized rafts and tubes are not permitted.


    • No one admitted with skin rash, open sores, or any signs of un-cleanliness.

    • Proper swim wear only. No cutoffs, underwear, or unclean wear allowed in the pool. Management reserves the right to determine what is proper swim wear.

    • No diapers, approved swim diapers only (available for purchase).

    • This is a non-smoking/non-vaping facility.

    • Swimmers should shower before entering pool.


    • No diapers, approved swim diapers only (available for purchase).

    • Children under 5 years of age or non-swimmers must be supervised by a responsible person who is in the water and within arms’ reach of the child. Persons unable to pass a swim test must stay in water that is not over their shoulders.

    • Swimmers 8 and under must be accompanied by an adult or member 15 years or older. The manager(s) and/or lifeguards on duty may administer a swim test to the 8-and-under swimmer at their discretion.


    • One person on diving board at a time.

    • Swimmers must be able to swim unassisted to the wall to use the boards.

    • Do not climb steps until the other diver has exited the board.

    • Only one bounce on the board.

    • Swim to nearest ladder after each dive.

    • No swimming toward or under diving boards.

    • Goggles, floaties, and life vests are not permitted on the diving board.


    • Swimmers must be able to swim or walk unassisted to the steps to use the slide.

    • Swimming is prohibited in the slide plunge area.

    • Move away from the bottom of the slide immediately.

    • One swimmer at a time in each tube.

    • Must wait for plunge area to be clear of swimmers prior to entering the slide tube.

    • Swimmers must go feet first on their back. Headfirst is prohibited.

    • Swimmers must not change position once inside the tube nor stop sliding in the tubes.

    • No goggles, life vests, or floaties are permitted in the slides.

The Morris City Pool wants you to have a safe and healthy experience here at the Morris Pool.

Please follow the rules and listen to our lifeguards. Thank you.