Welcome to the Morris City Pool

(815) 942-2919 MorrisCityPool@Gmail.com 300 Northern Ave., Morris, IL

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Registrations and Party Bookings are done at the pool:

Saturdays in May from noon-3:00 p.m.

Open Swim hours beginning May 25th (all summer long).

In-town check or cash only. Sorry, we do not accept debit/credit cards.

See our 2019 Flyer for more details/forms: http://bit.ly/MCP2019Flyer

Do NOT mail any registrations, bookings, etc. Mailed registrations/bookings will be returned.

We do NOT accept and/or guarantee any mailed registrations, bookings, etc. in fear of overbooking.


eMail: MorrisCityPool@gmail.com

Phone: 815-942-2919

Website: MorrisCityPool.org

Facebook: Morris City Pool Unofficial

Twitter: @MorrisCityPool

Instagram: MorrisCityPool

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