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Student Work Portal

Info for Students and Parents

As you have been informed we are currently moving to Google Classroom. Individual teachers will be inviting you to join their classes via your new school email address. These have been sent to all students in the school with their passwords to log in.

To access Google Classroom go to https://classroom.google.com/ and enter your school email address and password. You will then be able to join your classes.

Click on the Relevant Subject Sub-page above for any work left by your teachers , some teachers have issued work to students in class before we broke up due to COVID19.

If you are using this on a mobile phone click the expand button on top left hand corner.

Click on More or the Buttons Below for easy access to more subjects.

Many Teachers are using Edmodo with options to join using codes available in the relevant subject sub-page/tab.

Classes using Edmodo can log in here.

Info for teachers - if your Google Drive Documents are not appearing you need to access your Google Drive and go to sharing settings, advanced and make it publicly available to view