Micro City Generator is a set of Tools for SideFX Houdini to help generating procedural Buildings and Cities.

Finalized Tools:

September 2018 - Fixed wrong initial settings config.ini file for .bgeoBrowser

  • 180923 - Added fix for drag and drop Shader Sets (diffuse, albedo, basecolor) to continue if the one of the maps such as opacity or normal maps do not exist
  • Fixed config script in /scripts: After loading bgeobrowser for the first time, the initial config script was setting wrong values for filtering Files therefor nothing would show up in the browser. The initial script now sets the correct string value to display files with filtermode="all"

2018/08/08 - Minor Updates and mbConvertToLine SOP.

  • Fixed Minor Bug in Obb QuadSubdiv
  • Added first Version of mbConvertToLine to OBB Subdiv Tools which generates and Splits Subdivided Surface into correct Line Segments which then can be Expanded correctly.
  • Updated .bgeo Browser (See Todo list for updates.)

2018/08/08 - RC3 is now Live with new Widgets

NEW Widgets


  • todo: Tab Menu: Added All Section including all MCITY Tools
  • todo: Renamed Project to MCITY
  • todo: Added new Shelf: MCITY-Widgets
  • todo: Renamed All Shelfs to prefix MCITY
  • todo: Added Deprecated Tools Section with tools no longer in Development
  • todo: Color Coded Icons for all Tools
  • todo: renamed label of certain tool

Latest Fixes & Updates: 2018/07/31- .BGEO File Browser RC3

RC3 of .bgeo File Browser uploaded with lots of improvements. Some Highlights:

  • instant thumbnail generator thru hython. Generates a preview of all Geometry in a folder within Seconds now.
  • Added new Setting Options at bottom of Widget with: Filtering and sorting of geo, img and txt files
  • Implemented PlaceOnQuads, Drag in Viewport, Copy to Clipboard, Place in Viewport including alt key modifier for calling different actions. (instant placement, user position selected placement)
  • Place multiple Selected Files in Viewport
  • Quick Loading by Alt or Alt-Shift Click for direct placing files in viewport.
  • Support for Batch converting .bgeo and .rat files.
  • All Image and Geometry File Formats that are supported in Houdini are now supported.
  • Tested on Linux and Windows

Latest Fixes & Updates: 2018/07/29 - Added .BGEO File Browser Updates

  • Added Support for image formats
  • Moved /bgeoviewer to /dotBGEOBrowser for implementing more flexible future developments.
  • Added experimental support for fbx files. (no texture support)
  • Added experimental support for batch convert multiple selected .bgeo
  • Updated Todos for .bgeo File Browser

Latest Fixes & Updates: 2018/07/27 - Added .BGEO File Browser

Needs Update of /scripts /config and /python_panels Folders.


2018/05/15 - New Module HDAs, Modular Buildings Presentation Hip File

  • Added mbSoftStreetSweeper HDA with mbSoftStreetSweeper.hip example file (2018/05/16)
  • Added mbDrawCurves Tool (Stroke SOP tool with caching and edit state where edit tweaks can be made and cached with one SOP Node)
    • By Default this HDA will use mbProjectEnds which will snap endpoints of the current stroke to already drawn strokes. (Used to draw Street Graphs)
    • Additional HDA: mbExpandCurves does a quick 2DPolyexpand with overlapping curves.
  • Added new Modular HDA from mbStreetGen mbRayProjectEnds which project end points of curves to other curves.
  • Added Modules for Heightfields
    • hfProjectToHeightfield: Projects a Curve down onto a Terrain/Heightfield
    • Projection with @Alpha Attribute: mb Heightfield: Soft Project. Projects a plane geo with respect of the alpha attribute.
    • hfSweepProject: Projects a Curve onto a Terrain and Sweeps it. Second output is the terrain
    • CurveToTerrain_2.01: Projects a curve to a terrain and tries to find tunnels and bridges. (The bias for Tunnels and Bridges must be set correctly manually.) Should also work with Polygons as second input.
  • Added Math Modules
    • mbAlignToWorldAxis: Aligns a Quad to World Axis based on point0 - point1 normal direction.
    • mbAlignFromWorldAxis: Aligns back from the world Axis. (Needs AlignToWorldAxis in second input to get the rest position back)
    • mbCalculateQuadScale: Calculates bounding box of a quad that is rotated and stores it in v@scale
    • mbPointCloudFromPrims: Sets a centroid and calculates v@scale based on bounding box.
    • mbInscribeCircle: Different Algorithms to add inscribed Circle to a Primitive. (free)
  • roof Module B:
    • Low Poly Roof Module with correct mirrored UVs
  • Added small additonal utilities
    • mbDeleteByVertexCount which deletes polygons based on Vertex Count. Useful to isolate Quads only.
    • mbPrimitive Flatten: Flattens a primitive to average, min or max. Additionally an option to blur the @P.y position is available too. (useful when placing buildings so the ground floor is leveled)
    • mb2DExpand (random): Randomized 2DPolyexpand for insetting or extending primitives
  • Added missing icons for tools.
  • Added Modular_Buildings.zip which includes Presentation File I used to demonstrate the Modular Tools and some Networks for generating Window geometry quickly and procedural.

2018/04/05 -

  • Shelf Toolbar Scripts:
    • Fixed minor bugs in Divide C-Plane and Undivide C-Plane. Added C-Plane Grow and C-Plane Shrink
    • Added Optional opColorPalette.def with 12 Colors from the Solarized Colors to colorID Nodes.
    • Added some more optional setting files such as jump.pref. Optional mb_build Desktop.
  • mbRoadGen / road modules
    • Started to Remove Depracted Options. Removing Sidewalks and Detail Generation out to own Modular HDAs.
    • Added new output for raw parcel, Started adding options for each output separatly.
    • Added option to post remove groups from Module: SidewalksGenerator
    • Terrain deforms now with heightfields instead of polygons..
    • Removed Bridge Generation inside HDA
    • Added new Bridge Module with high detailed Suspension Bridge as Default. (No Parameters exposed yet.)
    • Started fixing and adding Examples for new tools.
  • mbDrawTools
    • Added Button *2 and /2 for Subdividing Construction Plane Grid. (Same as in the Shelf Tools) - The snap parameter will be linked to cplane grids.
  • mbBuildingGenerator_0_55:
    • is now available as unlocked version in a single HDA for all users.
    • Fixed mbBalustrade Generator. Uses Straight Skeleton Algorithm for Sweeping now.
  • mbOBBSubdiv
    • Added new Threaded Subdiv for N-Gons.
  • mbDecorator / mbPlaceOnQuads:
    • Reorganized UI. Added Fix Winding Direction to Instancing Option too.
    • Changed Defaults for Normalize Option to be On instead of off. Changed Default Scale Calculation Algorithm to on.
    • fixed incorrect v@up for Instance Calculation which had @up.y at a constant of 1
    • Updated mbDecorator Example hip file. Including Example for using Multiple Sets now.
    • Added Example for PlaceonQuads Hda, which does the same thing as mbDecorator but with a different Technique.
  • Other Fixes:
  • Fix: Update Downloader urllib bugfix which prevented it from starting.
  • Fix: Cornice Trim Module bugfix for UVs when profile option is closed.
  • Update: Main Menu Entry for Editing houdini.env to edit version 16.5 instead of 16.0
  • mbBuildingGenerator_0_55:
  • mbStraightSkeleton: Added Option to add Dot Product Value to @pscale making it useful in combination with Sweep SOP and unclosed backbone profiles that share the same start and end point but need UVs on Points for the Sweep SOP to work.
  • Added New Module in mb_Module_Tools.hda including mbCutter and mbCorniceTrim Module which where not yet uploaded.
  • Added 3rd Party Presets from Users for mbDecorator in hda: mbDecorator-presets.hda

2018/02/08 - Minor Fixes + Textures and new Example Files.

  • Minor Fixes in otls (mbBuildingModules)
  • mbBuildingModules: fixed corner detection when input is a Quad/4 Point Curve. (added sort Points by vertex order before corner check)
  • Added some default Textures
  • Started adding Examples for Modular Building workflow
  • Added new test decal textures for roof, garages, walls, transparent rails
  • Added roof Module for testing (unfinished alpha)
  • Added Cornice Trims generation into own HDA with Sweep option for creating Railings with Cutout Decal Textures (Rail Textures)
  • Added some default Textures for creating Props such as rails, walls, trims,
  • Unified and added new more logical group outputs in modular workflow. All window types will have a prifix window and walls will have prefix wall. Building block puts out windowS and windowS2, windowFF, windowFT, wallFF, so your props should generally not use these groups themself. (todo: unify in other assets still used.)
  • todo: documentations etc...... Notes about group outputs for modular workflow, (windowS, windowS2 (new), windowFF, windowFT (new), wall, wallFF, wall_FF_bottom, )

2018/02/01 - RC2 - Coming Soon - February 2018 - 10+ New Modules for Building Generation.

  • Release Candidates for Building Modules
  • Fixed Instancing Option in mbPlaceOnQuads. Now calculates first props bbox for scale and counts amount of props correctly.
  • mbCityPattern Algorithms included. Including alphas for mbSplineNetworkGenerators A and B which generate Street Networks on the Fly that should also work with 2DPolyexpand.
  • mbStackBoxes - aligns and Stacks random boxes to each other
  • mbAlignToCurve - aligns Stacks of Boxes or finished Buildings along a curve or closed curve. With different options.
  • mbBuildingFromRectangle - Creates a Base Block from a simple Grid with differnt roof types.
  • mbBuildingFromRectangles - Creates a Base Block from multiple Quads with different Heights. Used in combination with the Quad Subdiv Object Bounding Box Algorithm. (mbQuadSubdiv)
  • mbBuildingFromCurve - Creates a Base Block from a Curve Input.
  • mbPartition facades - Partitions a group of quads. Useful to generate facades and separate Etages and populate with different Assets/Props with mbDecorator or mbPlaceOnQuads.
  • mbCreateFaceID (beta) - Creates faceIDs for window Polygons depending on their vertex count and other groups. (Includes some specific personalized versions for Clients.)
  • Modul: Decorate Line - Populates a Curve or Line with multiple Assets/Props such as Trees or cars.
  • Modul: StreetDecals - Adds Street Decals from a Curve
  • Modul: Find Touching Walls: Finds polygons that are not seen from the outside such as Buildings that have walls facing each other. Used to cleanup inside polygons of a building block.
  • Modul: SidewalksFromParcel (beta) - Tries to generate sidewalks from Parcels generated by mbStreetGenerators Parcel Output.
  • Modul: Add Cars - Can place cars on Street Decals Car Curves Output
  • Modul: mbCityPattern - SOP version of a Noise based pattern from the old mbCityPattern COP with option for a fake manhatten noise. (Used for Whiteboxing, not compatible with street generators atm.)
  • Modul: mbCurveNetworkGenA - Generator to create Street Networks(Used for Whiteboxing, not compatible with street generators atm.)
  • Added several hip example files for Modular Workflow.
  • Included Help Cards for several Assets in the Houdini Help Documentation (Thanks to www.cgtoolbox.com)

2017/11/02 - New Update/Distribution Manager and Environment Installation

  • Updated mbDecorator, added modular Street OTLs. Fixed Radial Menu, Added new Tools to the Shelf.
  • Fixed Group Reselection for mbDecorator, mbPlaceOnQuads and mbOBBSubdiv/mbQuadSubdiv
  • Added Shelf Scripts for mbDecorator, mbPlaceOnQuads and mbOBBSubdiv/mbQuadSubdiv.

2017/11/02 - New Update/Distribution Manager and Environment Installation

  • Added Update/Install Manager Shelf Tool. Updates otls/hda and other Packages. New Packages and Plugins will also be distributed with this tool.
  • Updated mbSetupAttributes.hda to a more clean HDA similar to the heightfield SOP when masking based on a property the Tool now has clean options for a noise pattern, zscale by Area scale and also accepts inputs in input2 like a sphere to control the zscale value by moving around objects.
  • Folder which was formerly called /hda is now renamed to otls since houdini does not load the folder /hda at startup
  • All HDA and otls have been reloceted to the same folder: /otls , When installing plugin packages they will install into /otls too
  • Fixed Grid Templates in Toolbar to match Houdini16 new Ruler in Ortho View.
  • Added Screenshot Shelf Tool.
  • mbOBBQuadSubdiv updated to Release Candidate 3
  • Added Missing Radial Entry
  • Added /config with Customized Flat UI Theme and customized grey Viewport Background Theme.
  • The houdini.env Setup is now much more simpler including $MCITY as its main Environment so all toolbar, radialmenus should now be loaded correctly without having to place them in your houdini16.5 folders

2017/10/30 - Announcement

  • Within the next week we will migrate to a new Structure and Installation Process and release finalized version of OBB Subdiv and mbDecorator. A Full Reinstall will be necassary

2017/08/29- Updated HDAs

  • Ported mbSkyscrapers Window placer into mbDecorator.hda. Sets of WIndows and other facade props can now be used. It will look for a subnet or geocontainer called set_ or by the name the user defines. In there should be windowS_0, windowS_1 etc. In another Set another windowS_0 can be used. This way each building can have its own windows and use different models for each window with slight variation, f.e. adding a balcony option to one prop. and one without . @pID can be used as a randomize base to control and art direct which props will be used. Examples coming soon.
  • Started rewrite House-B Generator for new @faceID workflow that will come soon.
  • Updated mbExtensionPack.hda general tools. Simplified certain tools. Started removing old SOPs from prior to H16 liek the point SOP fe.

2017/08/23- Uploaded missing .bgeo files in $MCITY/geo/

2017/08/21 - Added new examples and updated mbBuildingsFromParcelsNurbs.hda

2017/08/21 - Updates in HDA

2017/08/20 - Updated for most .hda

  • Started to move all Tools into one subcategory called MicroCity.

2017/08/17 - NEW HDA Added: mb_SOP-MathExtensions.hda

  • Implemented SOP with algorithm to Calculate Straight Skeleton Normals. Works on Curves or Polygons.

2017/08/17 - mbExtensionPack.hda Update:

  • mbDecorator: New Algorithm for Instancing with H16 new compiled for each loop for calculating correct v@scale per primitive for each Face. All instancing with this option will now match the Speed of the mbBuildingBlocks-A1 Generator allowing for a huge Speed boost.
  • mbDecorator: Fixed pID option. Optimized calculation for scale and made it a bit faster to calculate. Cleaned up the Interface. Disabled unavailable Parameters for Instancing Options. Declared old Instancing method as obsolete. (The option can still be used )
  • mbDecorator: New Examples for @pID and @udim. And the new Multithreaded Algorithm to calculate @scale ($MCITY/examples/170817_mbDecorator_Examples.hip)

2017/08/16 - General Updates

  • Fixed Shelf Tool: Grid 1km - Now correctly scales the ortho grid in 2d viewports to the same as the C-Plane in the 3D View.
  • mbStreetGen: Fixed Quick Flat Straight Corner OUTPUT METHOD for Quick Layouting.
  • mbBuildingsFromParcelNurbs: Fixed UVs. (atm they only work when using zscale as the height input.)
  • Started Shifting All HDAs into Tab Menu MicroCity -> <Category>
  • mbBuildingsFromParcels: Fixed minor Bugs.
  • mbSkyscraper: Fixed Bug for Interior Generation without Box Input. (Can cause overlapping interior atm)
  • mbWindowGenerator: Fixed minor UVs.
  • mbRandomizeWindowsTexture: fixed to work with mbBuildingsFromParcel
  • mbBuildingGenerators_0_001.hda: Updated BuildingFromBox UV bug for Roof. Fixed Default Greeble UVs. Added Default Texture Atlas Sheet that can be found in $MCITY/tex/roof_concrete/roof_texture_atlas_1.png . Also included is the PSD template.
  • Updated and added a date prefix to the Example hip Files.

2017/08/15 - mbStreetGen.hda:

  • Updated to Version 2.61
  • New Testing of Ray Projection Algorithm which Projects the Ray Perpendicular to the curve it hits. (TODOs: Implement new algorithm in mbRoadGen.hda and expose option to disable it. RnD for smooth generated splines with VEX )
  • Cleaned up SOP Network and Optimized Network for H16.
  • Replaced multicurvesect HDA with the new internal H16 Intersection SOPs.
  • Fixed Basic Ray To Terrain Projection
  • Removed Post Ray Projection Option due to too many dependency checks.

DEV TODOs: Fix Disable All Intersection Option. (Fixed in next Build) Remove or rename Dep Tab to Beta Info Tab, add note for sidewalks and deco alpha, Expose rayprojection algorithm options. Expose Ray to Terrain Distance Options (Currently at 1-2m ?), Generate better Default Textures... UPLOAD EXAMPLE HIP FILE WITH DIFFERENT OPTIONS. Test Decoration options, Street lights, intersection signs, streetwalk decals face the wrong direction now?

2017/05/24 - mbSkyscraper.hda:

  • Fixed wrong linking with depth paramater for Standard Windows. (windowS)
  • Exposed missing Parameter for Side Billboards Percentage in the HDA Interface
  • Started adding more options for Roof Greebles.
  • Started to add new set for Greeble on Roofs. They are now called widgetA_ widget_B and widgetC_ with 3 different passes as described below:
  • Added Option for 3 separate passes with following Rules: pass1: Main Central Tiles, pass2: Roof tiles that are connected to a wall. pass3: outside tiles of central main tiles (these are divided 1 step more so they are 0.5 times the size of the pass1 main central tiles.) Interaface is subject to change and pass1, pass2, pass3 will be renamed to more convenient Namings such as roof_central, roof_outside and roof_atWall. A few things still in the todo list here.

2017/05/24 - mbRandomizeWindowTexture.hda:

  • Fixed UV rotation issue for perPrimitive UV generation.
  • Added Option to control Primitive Alpha

2017/05/22 - New Version of mbSkyscraper.hda.

List of major updates:

  • Turned windowS_ Props into Sets due to requests. This allows to have multiple different windows for the Standard Window. Allowing to Add Shadings or Balconies to certain Windows.
  • Added New Algorithm to place Side Billboards on Corner of the Building. Added a new Decal Atlas Set with Side Billboards Textures. Scales can be controlled randomly and by Length. Changed toggles old Billboards to be off by default.
  • Added First Alpha Version of Interior Generation. Adds Walls and fills rooms with 3 Props that can be customized in the ./ASSETS Subnet. (NOTE: Only tested with Box Inputs at the moment. Might fail on more complex geo.) To show the interior check the new second output.
  • Added First Alpha Version of Outside Building Minature Detail Props such as Trashcans, Signs, Hydrants or additional trees.
  • Changed several Interfaces and added new Default Props.
  • Changed and refined Props from Set 3. windowS is now a full sized Window with a few frames borders and Window Shadings. There is a preset so each new duplication of the prop will generate a custom seed for the shadings height.
  • NOTE: When updating the HDA into an existing Scene make sure to copy and paste the missing new Assets from ./ASSETS and make sure that windowS_ is setup to use Sets such as the windowFF and door.

2017/05/18 - Added new HDA mbRandomizeWindowTexture which can randomize textures on windows based on udim or material override and unlimited texture inputs.

2017/05/18 - Updated mbBuildingsFromParcels.hda to output correct uvs which was broken for some reason. Updated example file. Also updated its copy of floors to +1 so all generations will be 1 floor higher and match the zscale better.

2017/05/18 - Updated and finalized first Version of mb DrawTools (mbBuildingLayouter.hda), New H16 Radial Menu for Draw Tools to switch Tools and toggle add remove boolean option, New Shelf scripts for Draw Tools. Added New Options to Autochange Seed per stroke, and Always point normals Upwards (Always reverse Backfacing)

2017/05/16 - mbDecorator: Calc Approx Scale can now calculate instances @scale correct and multi threaded. (only works for placing windows atm.)

2017/05/16 - mbStreetGen: Fixed StreetGen close intersection bugs. (Only works with Disabled corner detection!)

2017/05/15 - mbBuildingsFromParcelsNurbs: Fixed broken code, removed transform sop and replaced with a vex wrangle (Reason is Houdini 16's transform sop failing to cook when a group is not available. Needs to be reported to sidefx.) The custom floor size parameter now works again. Fixed minor bugs.

2017/05/15 - mbBuildingsFromParcels: Fixed Detection of touching sides when the facing polygon hitprim was = 0. Added Example to /examples. Added backwards compatibility

2017/05/15 - Started rewriting Building Generators to make them compatible with Houdini 15.5.

2017/05/15 - Fixed New Instancer in mbDecorator. New @up and @N vector calculations now take 2 perimeters and calculate the average instead of transfering the up Vector like in prior version. The Toggle Invert Dir (Flip XZ rot) is obsolete. Use Vertex Alignment = 1 and Flip N to align your props if needed.

2017/05/03 - added normalize option to Instancer which normalizes the props. Bases its scale attribute on the prop/asset with the prefix 0. So all following props need to have the same scale dimensions.

2017/05/03 - added missing AllBuildingGenerators.hip File to /examples Including example for each building generator.

2017/05/01 - Updated mbDecorator Fixed certain problems. added backwards comp checkbox. Added option for random rotation. Direction and position can now be flipped in all ways XYZ as wished.

2017/04/28 - Added Prop / Geometry Asset Manager as a Python Panel. Allowing to Normalize 1000+ props to 1x1 Houdini Units with one click. Also includes renaming, saving as .bgeo, fitlering, alignment of Props in a grid. Making it very easy to Manage Props.

2017/04/25 - Added New Examples to show how to use the new @prob Attribute.

2017/04/25 - Added New SOP to mbOBBSubdiv.hda which is named mbQUADSubdiv. It is the VEX Based OBB Subdiv Algorithm separated from the others. This way it loads much faster. It also uses @prob incoming attribute to determine the subdivision probability.

2017/04/24 - Updated mbOBBSubdiv.hda to use @prob attribute for Subdivision Probability for the VEX Based Algorithm.

2017/04/22 - Due to Feedback updated mbStreetGen.hda for creating Flat Streets on Y = 0


/otls - All HDAs
/ico - Icons for the HDA 
/demo - Recorded Demo Videos
/tex - Baked COP Textures and Decal Atlas Maps
/geo - Baked Modules, Meshes, Assets for Greeble, Atlas Planes for Billboard and Store Commercials
/examples - Example hip Files
/toolbar - Shelf Extensions and Presets.
/gallery - Presets for COP Textures, Modeling Grid Aids, Atlas Plane Preset etc.
/scripts - Scripts for Python Panels
/python_panels - Python Panel loader Scripts

www.microbot.ch - shell@microbot.ch

Release Notes History

MicroCity - Release #6 It. #170 - March 2017 Release / Update

Based on Feedback we are proud to bring you all these new Updates. This update includes some great new Tools. Highlights are an interactive Painter/Stroke Cacher and new Algorithms for placing Windows. A VEX Based OBB Subdiv Algorithm. These can also be used to place greebles, nurnies, windows etc.

Below you can see a final list of all the main assets. A few have moved since the first releases and you might have to relocate them in your hip. Certain assets work different but should still be compatible with previous setups. With this Update we are also moving to Houdini 16 as its officially released now and for easier future development drop support for versions prios to Houdini.

NEW Environment Variable $MCITY to locate all props, assets, geo, gallery items and shelf.

NEW Asset Change -mbDecorator replaces mbWindowPlacer: An asset that fills polygons with the second input. Used to place windows and greebles etc. This is one of the new core assets replacing the mbWindowPlacer. We now use Subnets or Geo Containers that can hold unlimited amount of geometry. The HDA will count all assets based on user defined filter. This way we dont have to merge massive amounts of modules with an Object Merge. The Object Merge approach to spawn multiple windows based on group is still supported.

ASSET CHANGE: RoadGen 3.0 - (Replacement for StreetGen 2.6)

Complete new Version from Scratch based on the concept of the StreetGen 2.0. Overall more flexible output of Geo. Working on Terrain. More precise placement for Street Lights and Decoration Objects.

Note: The 2.6 Version is still useful and will not be removed as long the RoadGen3.0 does not have all the same features. There is no more plan to make StreetGen 2.6 work on terrains.

StreetGen 2.6 - Updated

Simple Street Generator.

New - Adapted most SOPs to work with Houdini 16.

New - Optimized placement and curve smoothness.

New - Finalized Sidewalk Generation with Placing of StreetLights and Signs

New - Added Lanes Option and Generation of curves for placing cars.

New - Added Option to Place Cars on Street.

New - Fixed Placement of Decoration Objects on street.

New - Fixed COP textures to more simple logic networks

New - New COP preset textures.

NEW - COP Textures are now baked to Disk because there seem to be a few issues displaying COP textures in viewport with Houdini 16 on Windows. Presets can be loaded from a Gallery File. More might be added in the Future.

OBB_Subdiv 1.0 - Updated

3 Different Object Bounding Box Subdivision Algorithms

New - Added VEX Based Quad OBB Algorithm

New - Replaced Street Finding with simpler option.

New - Lots Setback Option to offset sides, front and back of each lots that is generated.

mbSkyscraper NEW

New Algorithm to generate Skyscraper (Also works for smaller Western Type of Buildings) which works on a tile based approach. It uses modular sets per building. Default it comes with 4 different Sets of windows and doors. Following Modules are used: windowFF_ (Lobby/First Floor Windows), WindowS_ (Standard Windows after First floor). It comes with udim, id and vertex textured Colors fully with UVs. In the example there is a fully textured Version showing Night and Day Version.

mbVertexTexturePaint NEW

A Vertex Texture Painter useful to mix 4 textures based on RGB Channel. Each Channel will be stored on a separate Attribute (red, green, blue) The Textures will only show up at Rendertime.

MB Cacher / Building Layouter NEW

This asset allows to draw rectangles or boxes in the viewport. The Output can then be processed with a Building Generator or anything you need. The end Product of the process will then be Cached in Memory. This way only the last input will be generated. This asset uses the stroke SOP and python caching allowing interactive painting in the viewport. Autocaching can also be turned off to draw multiple overlaping boxes for the new buildingFromBoxes SOP.

Building From Boxes. (included in buildingGenerators.hda) NEW

Powerful Generator that generates Buildings directily from box inputs. This asset includes standard modules for doors, windows, corners etc. It also includes Procedural generated Textures from COP. You can dive inside the asset to edit the modules, textures and shaders. COP Texture presets can be loaded from the Network Editor Gallery. Install the file mb_COP_Presets-Set-1.gal which includes simple presets for bricks, concrete and flooring textures. Similar to a Substance Designer workflow.

ParcelFromSurface 1.0

Parcelling Generators Along Street

BuildingsFromParcels - Update Fix

Parcelling Building Generator from Polygons

Fixed minor Bugs

Cleaned Network

BuildingsFromParcelsNURBS - Update Fix

Parcelling Building Generator.

New - Cleaned Network.

New - New Window Placement with mbDecorator. Slight performance gain. (Note: it is disabled by default for compatibility.)

New - Greeble Option for Flat Roofs added.

New - UV Generation

Building Generators 0.001 - pdated

10 Different Building Generator.

New - Added Vertex UVs, groups by building, ID attribute for each Building. (Note: Still needs some bugfixes. If you get no ID, UVs or groups please report so we can implement them)

New - All Generators have been updated with allowing to place windows and custom modules.

New - Updated certain buildings to a Grid snapped based footprint.

New - 2 new faster algorithms for placing windows have been implemented.

New - First Instancing implemented in BuildingBlock-A Generator. Making this Building Generator update in realtime on general scales.

New - All Generators now come with Standard Window, Door, Roof Greeble Modules.

New - Some generators have now an Implemented algorithm to detect Left/Right and 90 and 270 degree Corners. Allowing to place Corner decoration modules generating modular detailed buildings.

New - Detailed Buildings now come with a Balustrade, Roof Greebler, Cornice Trim and Edge Detection.

New - Example file: AllBuilding_Generators.hip Showing all Building

Extensions Pack Update

Inlcuding Several Extension Assets

mbdeletebyarea: deletes polygons based on their area size.

mbreverse backface: revereses all polygons facing the user defined normal. usually used to correct lots and parcels.

mbsetupareas: Setup color ids for lots or parcels. these can later be identified and used to control which buildings will

be placed.

mbCarve: Exteneded options of the carve sop

mbExtendedCurve: Extends ends of curves. has 2 ways one vex based and one that also can generate point

normals along the curve moDified by a ramp.

mbinsetter: extended extrude inset with fusing of pints and iterations.

mbsplitbyperimeter: Several split options for simple polygons such as splitting by the perimter or all points.

SetupAttrib: Different presets for Setting up scale/height attributes for buildings

Footprint Generator: Tries to generate footprints for buildings.

New Geometry: (/geo) NEW

  • Added New Meshes / Modules
  • Added Module Sets which include

WindowsS - Standard Window

WindowsS_special - An optional Window with Fan or balcony etc.

DoorsFF - Door at ground (First Floor)

WindowsFF - First Floor WIndows

DoorsFFT - Doors Terrasse

WindowsFFT - Windows Terrasse

Corner90FF - Corner 90 Degree First Floor

Corner 270FF - Corner 270 Degree First Floor

Corner90 - Standard 90 Degree Corner

Corner270 - Standard 270 Degree Corner

Gallery Presets

  • COP Pattern Presets for Bricks etc. mb_COP_Presets_set-1.gal (N/A atm)
  • Presets for Buildings and Streets
  • RND and Development Subnets

Shelf Tool: mbCityGenerator-sceneManager.shelf

Shelf Buttons to modify the Houdini C-Plane. Good for snapping curves on a grid. Used for creating roads with bridges for future releases.

  • Grid 1km (C-Plane Viewport Grid 1km Preset)
  • Grid 10km (C-Plane Viewport Grid 10km Preset)
  • Divide Grid (Subdivides)
  • Undivide Grid
  • Move up (Moves C-Plane along its axis one unit in negative space)
  • Move down (Moves C-Plane along its axis one unit in positive space)
  • Create Bezier Curve (Curve SOP Preset which will also setup a wrangle SOP for @width and @lanes parameters)

New: Shelf Draw Tools

  • Draw Interactive Rectangles
  • Draw random sized Boxes
  • Open PROCESS Subnet: Allowing to customize the process after the draw. Such as drawing buildings directly in the viewport, decorations or anything you want.