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Methlick Scout Group and its associated Explorer Unit is open for all 6-18 year olds to join as Youth Members. Unfortunately as we are a popular Group we do have a waiting list.

In order to manage this as best we can we ask that you submit the “Expression of Interest Form” below when your child is a minimum of 4 years old. Under 4 and we will return the form.

The Word document needs to be downloaded, completed and then emailed back to where you will get an acknowledgement of receipt. It is not an online form to complete.

Joining information for a prospective Member.doc

We have many young people wanting to join our Group, and as a result we have in association with the surrounding groups drawn up a map of our catchment area.

In association with neighbouring Groups and Districts we have agreed we will accept those in the catchment areas of the following primary schools:

  • Methlick (green)
  • Tarves (blue)
  • Barthol Chapel (orange)
  • Auchnagatt - part only - we take some from the South side of the A948 (yellow)
  • We take from the village of Ythanbank and some of the surrounding area of Shivas and Quilquox (purple)

We can only take in the numbers we can safely cope with, and when full we add names to a waiting list.

There is no separate lists for each of the sections, you just get added to the list and when we have spaces we look at those of the right age and work from the top of the list down.

For example we have had some who apply to be a Beaver, however join only into Cubs as there was no spaces in Beavers. We do our best and advise on patience. We will consider those outside our catchment who cannot attend their nearest group for whatever reason, but these will be looked at on a case by case basis, and will be affected by our waiting list numbers.

It should also be noted that should you move out with our catchment area, then we will help where we can to get your child signposted to the nearest Group. We cannot continue to have members commuting to the Group, when there may be a group on their doorstep.

We hope you understand this. We use the end of the current term as the deadline for making the transition to the new Group.

If you are interested in volunteering with us, then please fill in the Adult Joining form below, showing initial interest and the Group Scout Leader will get back and see where best we can use your talents and skills.

Joining information for a prospective Leader.doc