The Luck Of Eden Hall

Chicago neo-psychedelic rock band The Luck of Eden Hall has been a fixture on the Chicago music scene since the 1990s, and they are “Phenomenal!”, says Jim DeRogatis of the NPR how Sound Opinions. Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins claims their first 7” on Limited Potential Records is “still one of my all time favorites.” With over 25 vinyl and CD releases, ncluding ine full length albums, they have appeared in numerous articles in magazines including: Goldmine, Shindig, Record Collector and Bucketful of Brains. Their theme song for the PBS elevision how Moochie Kalala Detective’s Club, starring Tim Kazurinski (Saturday Night Live) got them nominated for an Emmy.

The new single The End of The Lane pays tribute to the classic psych singles of yore, with lush guitars, plenty of echo on the vocals, the warm sound of the mellotron and a rhythm section with an uncanny gift for melodic fills. The End of The Lane is a song that was inspired by superstar author Neil Gaiman's wonderful book titled The Ocean at the End of the Lane. Mr. Gaiman created a drawing for singer Greg Curvey to use on the front cover of this single. The rest, as they say, is history.

Blown To Kingdom Come is taken from their critically acclaimed new album The Acceleration of Time available on Headspin Records.


Released as part of the Mega Dodo Singles Club, 'The End of The Lane' is inspired by the author Neil Gaiman's book Ocean At The End Of The Lane and "pays tribute to the classic psych singles of yore, with lush guitars, plenty of echo on the vocals, the warm sound of the mellotron and a rhythm section with an uncanny gift for melodic fills". The B-Side is an alternate version of 'Blown To Kingdom Come', a track from the new album.

With artwork also by Neil Gaiman, 'The End Of The Lane' comes as a limited edition 7" blue vinyl single (150 copies) for members of the Singles Club or as a regular black vinyl 7" single for non-members (also limited to 150 copies). Due for release mid-August the single is available to pre-order now from the Mega Dodo website ( where you will also find details about the Mega Dodo Singles Club. Pre-orders also being taken for the black vinyl from the Mega Dodo Bandcamp page here or directly from the band here

If you have yet to wrap your ears around the astounding new TLoEH LP, we seriously recommend you give it a listen..........up to now it has seriously blown the minds of everyone who has heard it.

The Psychedelicatessen

Chicago psychdoodlers The Luck Of Eden Hall have been around since the ’90s, and seem to have steadily amassed a quite substantial discography without anyone really noticing, and here’s another nifty seven inch to add to the pile. ‘The End Of The Lane’, (inspired by a Neil Gaiman novel), has a low-key, shimmering opening of carefully layered guitars and keys, vaguely reminiscent of mid-70s Genesis, with its weird, Mellotrondriven pastoralism, though it brie? y shifts up a gear into a slightly more frenzied prog/psych daymare moment. ‘Blown To Kingdom Come’ begins with odd electronic bleeps, before launching into a more straightforward guitar and drum powered rocker, with a nice, freaked-out guitar solo – as if someone had spiked the guitarist’s tea with acid – and a bit of prog-styled stop-start action. It’s all quite pleasing and nicely eccentric – de? nitely a bit of a grower. As a bonus, the sleeve boasts a sweet little cover doodle by Gaiman himself.

Neil Hussey: Shindig magazine

The delightfully-entitled 'The End of the Lane' starts off almost chilled in fashion, but echoes the mood of the Beatles 'The White Album', while having the pace of the Velvet Underground's 'Who Loves the Sun' from 'Loaded'. The vocals are clearly delivered, just lightly bubbling away on top and over slow instrumentation, while underneath the guitars have a Johnny Marr like flow until it changes gear. It speeds on up, before returning to its original flow and gentleness, and is very calming, charming and oddly unique.

'Blown to Kingdom Come', an album track, is the opposite, and loud with dominant drums and keyboards battling to be the superior instrument and the vocals shoutin for attention. It remains very much in the cool 60's but has its own take on the classic era of fabness. A brilliant take of 60's joy. 5 Stars from me.

Lets face the fact that in this day and age, a brilliant Psychedelic Power Pop band is only going to be of interest to a few thousand active listeners at most. How many albums does even Jason Falkner sell in reality? Ninety nine percent of musicians do not make a living out of playing their own music.

Curvey knows that and embraces the realistic opportunities that his abundant talents give him firmly with both hands. He records, writes and plays his music with unbridled passion for endless hours with no real financial incentives to make him do so. He also, designs, prints and puts the beautiful covers together, late into the night, with as much love care and attention as he lavishes on his music. He also does intricate special edition covers, the one for the new album is ridiculously intricate and quite wonderful.

I Don't Hear A Single

So here we are back as promised, with that corking limited edition release from the luck of eden hall. Not due for a few weeks, ‘the end of the lane’ offers a ghostly visioning of progressive psych and finds them shifting from a point of being mere classic to something approaching the sublime. With its dreamy dissipates and impeccably mellowed craft ‘the end of the lane’ is a hallucinogenic trip-a-delic overture, more so, an experience founded in the finest tapestries of English psych eccentricity. Morphing trademark tLoEH signatures of yore, ‘Lane’ free spirits its way through a lysergic sonic fracturing that’s haloed upon the elemental fusion of progressive / psychedelic dialects, its mind expanding journey proffering a kaleidoscopic palette daubed in colourised textures that subtly point with a hazy nod to the likes of ‘SF Sorrow’ era Pretty Things, Floyd, ELO and the Zombies albeit gathered exquisitely and spoken in an ‘on the Sunday of life’ era Porcupine Tree tongue. the release arrives in a strictly limited wax press in both blue and black variants and is the latest instalment of Mega Dodo’s acclaimed singles club.

Mark Barton: The Sunday Experience

Out on 15th August 2016 is the new single from Chicago's The Luck of Eden Hall. There's a blue vinyl version for Mega Dodo singles club members only, and a black vinyl version on general release, both limited to 150 copies. Whilst I only became aware of The Luck of Eden Hall via their releases on Fruits de Mer Records, they actually have a much longer history, and an appeal that spans both underground and mainstream audiences. They formed in the 1990s, and have over 25 releases available including nine albums. They count Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins among their fans, and were nominated for an Emmy for their theme song for Moochie Kalala Detective's Club on PBS Television. It's not often you'll find Emmy nominees and TV theme tune makers who are just as happy releasing limited edition records on underground labels! This new single is inspired by Neil Gaiman's novel The Ocean at the End of the Lane, and includes artwork by Neil Gaiman himself. The lines between underground and mainstream continue to blur in that the artwork was produced by a megastar author, yet retains a handmade DIY feel with its unassuming sketch of a bucket accompanied by nicely twiddly fountain pen calligraphy. The End of the Lane begins and ends as a vintage-inspired psych-pop track with jangly guitar and atmospheric Mellotron orchestration, whilst in the middle of the song they crank up the volume with lashings of intense, searing guitar noise. Blown to Kingdom Come is taken from their recent album The Acceleration of Time, out on Headspin Records. The song combines a meaty, uptempo powerpop sound with spacerockish electronic burblings, flowing psychedelic guitar, and a melancholic, almost folk-tinged chorus melody, in a manner that is innovative and enjoyable.


The End of the Lane is The Luck of Eden Hall’s new vinyl single on Mega Dodo Records due for release on August 15, 2016. Side A is the title track inspired, by Neil Gaiman’s novel The Ocean at the End of the Lane. In addition Neil created a drawing for Eden Hall’s Greg Curvey to use as the cover art. “The End of the Lane” is suitably eerie to match the atmosphere of Gaiman’s novel. Curvey employs considerable reverb and echo plus Mellotron to add interest to this slow tune. This excellent song is a departure from what we have come to expect from the band. About two thirds into it, the band kicks into high gear with some tasteful slide guitar to make this a very trippy song. The flip side is “Blown to Kingdom Come” from their recent album The Acceleration of Time that I previously reviewed.

Henry Schneider, Expose Online Published 2016-07-30

The A-side, "The End Of The Lane" was inspired by the book "The Ocean At The End Of The Lane" and in it I hear the band playing a fantastic quiet psychedelic pop song that contains some subtle tempo changes, a light hypnotic rhythm and firmer after half of the song and get more speed. (Listen to this song by the band camp link below the review)

"Blown To Kingdom Come", the B-side of the single comes from the album "The Acceleration Of Time" and here the band I enjoy a catchy sounding solid swinging rock song with progressive rock influences and great tempo changes . Both sides of the single "The End Of The Lane" by The Luck Of Eden Hall are a pleasure to listen to this disc and I can recommend it to any fan of psychedelic and progressive rock.

Carry's New Underground Music

Contemporary psychedelic rock with more than a grasp of pop sensibility. Based in Chicago, the band have been around for twenty years and have already released numerous records, garnering a loyal following and plaudits from the likes of Billy Corgan. Musically, they veer effortlessly from dreamy psych on the a-side through to more upbeat, almost power-pop on the flip. The a-side was inspired by a Neil Gaiman book, who returns the favour with a (mega) doodle illustration for the sleeve. I really enjoyed this record and I’ll definitely be trying to check out more of their releases.

Fear and Loathing