Sky Picnic

Sky Picnic is a psychedelic rock band from Brooklyn, New York. Consisting of Chris Sherman (guitar/vocals), Leah Cinnamon (bass/vocals) and Pete Meriwether (drums), their debut record was released in 2011 on Nasoni Records. Sky Picnic became part of the Fruits De Mer Records family soon after this, most notably contributing a track to "Sorrow's Children", which was produced in collaboration with psych-rock legends the Pretty Things.

"Paint Me A Dream", Sky Picnic's second full length album, was released in November of 2012, again via Nasoni Records, and features marked growth via a newly expanded sonic palette (most prominent on single "Rippled"). The LP was received incredibly well, being included in several "Best Albums of 2012" lists, among other accolades. On the heels of this success, the band partnered with Red Bull's Sound Select program, leading to some higher profile showcases and festivals, most notably the 2013 Firefly Festival in Dover, DE. Sky Picnic also participated in Fruits de Mer Records Crabstock festivals, playing at both shows on the US leg.

Never ones to rest on their laurels, Sky Picnic has begun to introduce elements that blur musical genres, specifically songs tinged with jazz grooves, sing-along psych-pop and heavier riffs that only hint at what the future holds. The band released the album Her Dawn Wardrobe in September 2014.


Review by Sunrise Ocean Bender

Sky Picnic painted a dream, and now they return to hang some threads on it with ‘Her Dawn Wardrobe.’ Packing their trademark basket of feathery gallops and sacks of eider-down, they head back down—up—to the banks of the Cirrus Minor River for another spread of dreamy psych. ‘Her Dawn Wardrobe’ is everything you expect from the trio, but there’s an emphasis on the floatier this time around with most cuts finding their flow on a misty glide. The clouds are still laden with plenty of kaleidoscopic cascades and technicolor tumble, some which let patiently loose on ‘Where The Memories Stirred (Lady Juniper),’ the lengthy ‘Earl Grey,’ and the more sinewy ‘Most Of A Box Of Winter.’ Even then it’s the kind of downpour you stand in rather than seek shelter from. Much of the temperament of the album is summed up in the first single ‘June Sunshine,’ a mid-tempo breezy rush where the waves fold and swirl rather than crash. That coupled with their usual bubbling bottom-end gives the album plenty of weight to hang onto where others might eventually dissipate fully into a drizzle. Sky Picnic apply that to the more folky, acoustic numbers like ‘Lady of the Moon,’ ‘Ode To … ,’ and the title cut with much the same effect without taking away from the album’s gentle swells of dynamics. In fact, the album feels as though your standing on a fog shrouded cliff with a a waking-edge film over your eyes watching the ocean roll in and lick the shore … its temperament slightly slowed down to focus on the motion rather than the lashing. Vocals imbued with longing, yearning, nostalgia, and even some well-placed melancholy, help paint a fuller dream and make the duds snugly wrap around your shoulders and drape to the ground. ‘Earl Grey’ brings the day’s cycle to a close at what could either be twilight or early morning, an extended showcase for what Sky Picnic is all about as much as a judiciously dramatic close to the album (save for the abrupt half-minute freakout ‘English Breakfast’). Though a bit more hovering than ‘Paint Me A Dream’ overall, it’s another strong entry in their catalog that chooses to find a different kind of heft by illustrating a fuller picture of Sky Picnic rather than rehashing and reheating déjà vu … which, truth be told, there is a good dose of, though not of the tedious kind. It’s that certain blend of familiarity and unfamiliarity—preheated— that has the good sense to stay in the corner of your eye—and ear—where it can really be seen and heard the most.

Sunrise Ocean Bender: 30.08.2014

Sky Picnic is a psychedelic rock band from Brooklyn, New York, consisting of: Chris Sherman - vocals and lead guitar, Leah Cimmamon - bass guitar and vocals and Pete Meriwether - drums and in 2008 the EP "Synesthesia" brought out, followed in 2010 was created by the digital EP "The Unknown Regions".

Their debut LP appeared after the band, in 2010, the CD version in-house, in an edition of 300 pieces, was released through the German Nasoni Records label in 2011, after The band made a trip to Fruits De Mer Records, for several numbers by bringing include "Bracelets of Fingers" for the album "Sorrow's Children", produced in collaboration with the legendary band The Pretty Things from collecting LPs on this label became.

Their second album "Paint Me A Dream" was published in 2012 also at the Nasoni Records label and this LP single "rippled" was drawn, and the LP status "Best Albums of 2012" in the various end-of-year lists received.

Due to this success, the band toured through Red Bull's Sound Select program, where they played some big festivals.

Afterwards, the band did not rest on its laurels, but started working on their new album, including other music influences a had to play an important role and the result can be heard on the limited LP "Her Dawn Wardrobe", which is pressed in an edition of 250 pieces gray vinyl is, the first of which 100 are accompanied by an A3 poster + sticker, while the album that by Mega Dodo Records label was released, also on CD appears.

The album, containing 10 songs, beginning with "Upon Further Reflection" and here the band I heard a brilliant psychedelic song that played at an average pace and followed by "June Sunshine", which was released as a single, which I will change to hear a delicious sounding psychedelic pop song. (Listen to this song from the soundcloud link below the review) Then I hear "I Saw You Saw", a swinging rhythm and half turns into a slightly firmer song, and "Lady Of The Moon" follows and here let the tie me nice quiet folk hear song, which has a psychedelic effect contains. In "Ode To" I hear that happens to me as a continuation of "Lady Of The Moon," and a short psychedelic song is the first track on side -B follows, entitled "Where The Memories Stirred" and here the band play a fantastic psychedelic folk song at a moderate pace. With "Most Of A Box Of Winter" I hear a great swinging instrumental progressive number and the title song " Her Dawn Wardrobe "the band me again a beautiful quiet folk song heard. then I hear "Earl Grey", which violently and firm start, but soon turns into a peaceful progressive pop song, where some great tempo changes in it, making the music at one time vehemently and other times quietly played. The last song is called "English Breakfast" and here the band me for 34 seconds, hear a ripping guitar sound that abruptly ends. Sky Picnic with "Her Dawn Wardrobe" a wonderful album, both psychedelic and progressive sounds and a must for all lovers of this genre.

Review by Aural Innovations

New albums from Brooklyn, New York based Sky Picnic are always a treat and Her Dawn Wardrobe is yet another winner from this Psychedelic trio. This may be the band’s third full length, but they’ve also released some EPs and contributed to compilations, including several on the Fruits de Mer Records label.

Songs like Upon Further Reflection convey a trippy dreamy 60s Psycyedelic feel, though it’s by no means retro. June Sunshine is similar and includes a nice combination of acoustic and electric guitars and some pleasantly melodic spacey acidic solos. I See You Saw and Most Of A Box Of Winter both have a jazzy Psychedelic vibe and rockin’ jam segments, the former being particularly spaced out. Lady Of The Moon consists of mystical magic carpet ride Folk-Prog-Psych with heavenly Mellotron-like orchestration. Ode To… and Her Dawn Wardrobe are similar, the title track being a more purely acoustic song. Where The Memories Stirred continues down this path but is more intensely acid rocking. But my hands down favorite, and possibly my favorite Sky Picnic song to date is Earl Grey, which sounds like a Psychedelic outtake from King Crimson’s In The Court Of The Crimson King. It’s got classic Prog sweeping Mellotron waves, delicate vocals and acoustic guitars, crushing molten lava solos, and alternates between pastoral and majestic powerhouse sections. Absolutely freakin’ awesome. It’s always great to hear a band who just keeps getting better.

Review by Bliss Aquamarine

Third album from New York band Sky Picnic, released on CD as well as grey vinyl LP limited to 100 copies, with sticker and poster. Essentially a psych-rock band, they also take on board elements of the less cheery end of underground pop, jazz undertones, and folk. I See You Saw sets a dreampop-like tune to a mix of flowing psych-rock guitar work and jazz-tinged drumming. Lady of the Moon is an atmospheric psych-folk track, very lovely stuff. Ode To... is ethereal dark folk combined with an intriguing collage of found sounds. Most of a Box of Winter is a psych-rock instrumental, getting the balance of heavy intensity and melody just right. Her Dawn Wardrobe returns to the dark psych-folk sound, with the effective addition of birdsong and traffic noise in the background, whilst Earl Grey brings both main sides of Sky Picnic's sound together by adding piercing psych-rock guitar to a stark, melancholic underground folk track, plus the extended instrumental section introduces prog elements. There's an impressive, engaging combination of sounds on this album, that makes me curious to investigate Sky Picnic's previous output.

Review by Henry Schneider

Sky Picnic is a neo-psychedelic rock band from Brooklyn, NY, but you would hardly credit this after listening to them. Their vocals are a bit accented and resemble UK’s Crystal Jacqueline, so I naively thought they were from Europe. Sky Picnic is the trio of Chris Sherman (guitar and vocals), Leah Cinnamon (bass guitar and vocals), and Pete Meriweather (drums and percussion). Their debut release (2011) and second album, Paint Me a Dream (2012), were released on the German label Nasoni Records. They then joined the Fruits de Mer team and had tracks on four compilations: Keep off the Grass (2011), “Sorrow’s Children” The Songs of S. F. Sorrow (2012), The Crabs Sell Out (2012), and Re-Evolution: FdM Sings the Hollies (2013). Sky Picnic has continued to refine their style and have now signed with Mega Dodo Records for their third album, Her Dawn Wardrobe, to be released on October 13, 2014. This is a pretty cool retro sounding slab of dark psych music. There are hints of The Smell of Incense, Crystal Jacqueline and The Honey Pot, and even King Crimson. “June Sunshine” recalls to my mind the spring/summer of 1969, the end of my first year in college. Kind of a magical psychedelic vibe with outstanding trippy guitar. The one low point on the disc for me is “I See You Saw,” which is too long at seven minutes, but it does end with some interest in the final minute. “Lady of the Moon” is a great acoustic guitar and Mellotron dark folk song along the lines of fellow FdM teammates Us and Them. “Most of a Box of Winter” is an amazing instrumental. And then there is “Earl Grey.” Normally when you read about comparisons to King Crimson, the references are to Fripp’s harsh and complex songs like “21st Century Schizoid Man,” “Red” etc. The difference here is that “Earl Grey” sounds amazingly like “In the Wake of Poseidon.” I do like this recent trend of Gothic psych and the cover art does a very good job of expressing the feeling as well.

Review by Nathan Ford

Brooklyn based psychedelic rock trio return with their transitional, third full length album "Her Dawn Wardrobe".

While their previous vinyl releases have been on German heavy psych label Nasoni, "Her Dawn Wardrobe" sees Sky Picnic finding a new home, amongst more kindred spirits on excellent U.K label Mega Dodo (who released one of my favourite albums of the year a few months back).

This label change coincides with a maturation of their sound which sees them head a little bit away from some of the jammier aspects of their earlier recordings. While the more exploratory tendencies inherent in their music are still very much present, here they are toned down to a calmer, more restful pace which leaves plenty of wide open spaces for serene textures, provided by frontman Chris Sherman's languid guitar breaks, and walls of lush, pastoral mellotron, which at their best (closer "Earl Grey" for instance), recall the dreamy, hypnotic undertow of early King Crimson's more relaxed moments.

There's also an increased sense of songcraft here, with moody numbers like "Lady of the Moon" and "Ode to..." relying on acoustic guitars to an unprecedented degree as they lazily drift off to Cirrus Minor, with the psychedelic trimmings of backwards guitars, vibes and mellotron being used as embellishments, rather than the focus of the song.

Elsewhere "I See, You Saw" has an unexpected, jazzy swing, and "June Sunshine" picks up where "Paint A Dream"s "Rippled" left off, providing a perfect piece of jangly, paisley pop.

"Her Dawn Wardrobe" is perfectly sequenced and ebbs and flows rather nicely, allowing their continually evolving strengths to coexist easily, with it's hazy, summer vibe providing an irresistable hangover from some of their more forceful earlier work. Nice.

Review by Steve Palmer

The stripped-down format of guitar, bass and drums (with dual male/female vocals) works very well for New York psych act Sky Picnic, whose new album “Her Dawn Wardrobe” takes the retro sound into some interesting corners. Opening with the trio format and a high-guitar quotient, ‘Upon Further Reflection’ takes the best bits of The Soundcarriers into Holy River Family Band territory. ‘June Sunshine’ does similarly, with some tasty wah-guitar courtesy Chris Sherman. The seven minute ‘I See You Saw’ steps away from the introductory template however with some great, early Yes-style guitar vamps and chiming additions – very '60s/'70s, with delicate keyboards underneath. Love this one. ‘Lady Of The Moon’ is slow and reflective, with Leah Cinnamon’s backing vocals an essential addition, while ‘Ode To…’ is a brief vignette in melancholic bucolica. Side 2 (this album is available as an LP and a CD) opens with ‘Where The Memories Stirred (Lady Juniper)’ wherein Leah and Chris’ vocals intertwine in a spooky melody; a strings mellotron adds a thrilling aspect, thrumming beneath more excellent wah-guitar. ‘Most Of A Box Of Winter’ is an instrumental, and a mighty fine one – a little like Temples without the big reverb – while the title track returns the listener to the melancholic, acoustic mood. ‘Earl Grey’ is an eight minute monster of a track, with definite nods to the early King Crimson albums, in melodicism, use of the mellotron, and via the dramatic music, which uses vocals and instruments superbly. The whimsical ‘English Breakfast’ (guitars duelling, sonically) closes the album. This is a really fine piece of work, engaging and never less than enjoyable .