Orange Drop

"Hailing from Philadelphia, the launching pad for many great neo-psych groups, we now get The Orange Drop. The Orange Drop blends dreamy psychedelia with some darker, acid-laced sounds of the sixties. Brian Jonestown Massacre fans (particularly the early records) should appreciate The Orange Drop’s approach that is both lo-fi and polished. If this is garage rock, it was made in a garage that conceals an amateur LSD lab. There’s a definite feeling of late sixties California here as well, and even during the moments of darkness there is always a sense of distorted sunshine getting through." - Tim Ferguson (Active Listener, The Red Plastic Buddha)

"Philly's The Orange Drop make throwback psychedelic rock that's really meant to trip you out -- it's more than just pop with reverb." Brooklyn Vegan

"Once in an orange moon a band comes along that blows your brain clean out out your skull with the sounds they are making. Today to me the moon looks like a great tangerine suspended in the bright blue sky of dawn, and The Orange Drop are that band. Re-inventing 60s psychedelia with a 21st century twist of experimentalism, “The Orange Album” is their second album of the year – bursting at the seams with supersonic guitar riffs, beautiful kooky singing, mighty drums and bass, a Beatle-esque risk-taking dance between styles and digital mind-altering tricks of sound, it is the fanfare of a gang of young musical magicians discovering just how brilliant they really are." - Steven Small (Daydream Generation)

"The Orange Drop, seep into your ears placing an accessible comforting fog, supported through searing drone guitar with a backend propelled heartbeat that peaks through the clouds, creating a fluidly absorbing sound" - Michael Colavita (Philadelphia Deli Magazine)

"As the dropper settles onto the tip of my tongue, the ceiling slips away, the floor morphs into sand, my walls lap at my feet like phosphorescent waves, and everything is blown clean as I step into the fourteenth year of the twenty-first century, with The Orange Drop re-inventing all that I’ve held dear, and guiding me toward a blue sky dawn of hypnotic wonder and deliverance." Jenell Kesler (It's Psychedelic Baby)

"The Orange Drop are dangerous, lysergic, dreamers." (theblogthatcelebratesitself)

"This is a psychedelic concerto for the twenty first century, with movements each of which gradually ups the ante, the guitar soaring ever higher as the band dig into a fantastic drugged out groove." Simon Delic (Backseatmafia - Psych Insights)

"Seriously tight, highly experimental, psych rock." Aaron Stampa (Radio Static Philly)



This fourth release from these Philadelphia psychsters combines several earlier tunes with half a dozen newbies to deliver a dreamy, hazy headful of goodies, from the stargazing, thousand yard stare of the Enoesque ‘Juniper Pearl’ to the epic ‘Curse of Kukaku’, which answers the titular question – what’s it like to be stoned [and] in love. Carefully constructed and conspicuously placed solos highlight strong, tight musicianship, and boy-next-door vocals envelop the listener in a marshmallow overcoat full of warm, fuzzy grooves. Signposts toward early Verve (‘Curse Of Kukaku’), Spacemen 3 (‘Make It Her, Forever’), Brian Jonestown Massacre (J’admets’), and The Church (‘Hey, Man’) abound, although the well-executed Pink Floyd cover ‘Julia Dream’ proves their hearts and heads are in the right places when it comes to name-checking their influences. Sitar and flute embellishments add to the nostalgic vibe without resorting to slavish reproduction. A band to keep an eye (and ear) on.

Jeff Penczak Shindig!

The Orange Drop Stoned In Love (CD/LP) (Mega Dodo)

From the home of some of the finest 60s inspired psychedelia, Mega Dodo Records, comes a brand new album from trippy Philadelphia acid heads The Orange Drop due to land early next month. Stoned In Love is a kaleidoscopic whirl of Orange Sunshine inspired psychedelia mined from the same psychedelic rock face that the Brian Jonestown Massacre have been extracting precious stones for quite a while. Mix in a strong early Floyd influence and lysergic freakouts then you get a groovy record that mixes the experimental with a solid Pop Psych foundation that will blow minds and give the third eye a good squeegee.

If you are looking for comparisons, The Orange Drop inhabit the same paisley planet with bands such as Asteriod #4, Elephant Stone, Kingdom Of The Holy Sun, Holy Wave and The Luck Of Eden Hall where the 60s are a starting point and not a destination, blending dreamy psychedelia with some darker, acid-soaked sounds. Half of the songs on Stoned In Love are modern Psychedelic Rock songs that fans of BJM will have an affinity with, but when The Orange Drop fly, they really fly. Laying down a marker where they are at, ‘Part 2’ is a slow burning instrumental with soaring Gilmour-esque guitar and The Orange Drop have covered Pink Floyd’s ‘Julia Dream’ (a post-Syd B-Side written by Richard Wright that most people will know from Relics) and have swirled the absolute shit outta it………the Floyd vibe is also evident on the tripped out to oblivion ‘The Curse Of Kukaku’ which shares some DNA with ‘Echoes’ and is an absolute headswirler of track which is no doubt the best cut on an album full of great songs. This is possibly the best Mega Dodo release this year, so do yourself a favour PsychHeads and check this beauty out, stoned in love indeed………….Turn on, Tune In and Trip Out with The Orange Drop.


The Orange Drop Stoned In Love (CD/LP) (Mega Dodo)

In which Philadelphia’s Orange Drop channel everyone from the early textures of classic Loop to the later, dreamier Verve, to fashion a breathless, dreamy pop that might stake some kind of psychedelic claim with a very faithful cover of Pink Floyd’s “Julia Dream,” but neither belabors the points which that decision might make, nor insists on eschewing them, either.

It’s true, “The Curse of Kukaku” might have emerged out of a fond recollection of “Echoes,” but it’s really just a couple of moments that let you draw the comparison, as the rest of the song (and it is a song, as opposed to a sidelong link between extraneous guitar solos) floats closer towards Stone Roses territory, with a soupçon more menace around the vocals.

Indeed, Marc-Andrew Basile’s vocals are key to Stoned in Love’s overall mood, oozing the kind of desperation that gave the end of the sixties such a bad name. Besides, the crashing instrumental section that does close the piece feels more like Wishbone Ash in space, so clearly it’s a waste of time dropping names all over the place.

“Substance D,” brief though it is, shows off the Orange Drop’s less conventional chops; while “J’admets” could be a lost Noir Dèsir single than anything that might have crept from the past, and not just because it’s sung in French. “Hey Man” is an insistent acoustic figure that threatens to lurch into a light reggae beat; and the whole thing wraps up with “If You Feel It,” which has a wonderful Stonesy, circa Primal Scream’s third album, vibe to it, until the vocals lock it in the nearest garage and force feed it old Sky Saxon singles.

So yeah, you can drop the orange into the new psychedelic bag, but you do so at the risk of ignoring a lot more. Another Mega-goody from the only Dodo that matters.

Dave Thompson, Goldmine

The Orange Drop Stoned In Love (CD/LP) (Mega Dodo)

It’s been a good year for Psychedelia with The Chemistry Set, Sumner, Beaulie Porch, The Green Pajamas and Astralasia all releasing quality material.

The Orange Drop are a band who are new to me as is the label they are on. STONED IN LOVE is released on MEGA DODO on 4th November. This is the labels 20th Lp release which means I have considerable back pedaling to do if this is the quality of the previous roster.

A little about the band first though. The Orange Drop hail from Philadelphia and are comprised of:

Marc-Andre Basile – Vocals and Guitar

Anthony Bove – Drums

Matt Calhoun – Bass

Peter Stanko – Guitar

Side One of the LP is the stronger side and fans of early Pink Floyd circa SAUCERFUL OF SECRETS are in for a treat with “The Curse of Kukaku” and “Make it Her Forever” sounding like lost outtakes from 1968. The sound is uncannily like the Floyd of this period and side 1 ends with “Julia Dream” . Side 2 is perhaps not too dissimilar to the earlier work of The Brian Jonestown Massacre.

This disc pulls you in instantly and sends you hurtling down tunnels of kaleidoscopic imagery and sounds and once on the journey its not one you want to disembark from any time soon.

Highly addictive and highly experimental, this is the closest I have heard a band come to the early Floyd sound in many a year and they deserve an audience.

The disc itself is out on 4th November in a Limited edition run of 250 copies 0n yes you’ve guessed it Orange Vinyl and also standard CD. (DODOLP20/DODOCD20)

More details can be obtained via the Megadodo website.

This is one not to be missed.

The Orange Drop are a neo-psych band from Philadelphia, whose album Stoned in Love is out now on Mega Dodo as an orange vinyl LP limited to 250 copies, or CD. Juniper Pearl is mellow, jangly, atmospheric pop that's sure to appeal just as much to fans of indiepop and dreampop as those into the psych scene. The Curse of Kukaku combines the laid-back sounds of late 60s Californian folk-rock with the cosmic whoosh of spacerock, and intense, sprawling, heady psychedelic guitar work. Make it Her, Forever is an effective blend of sitar psych and heavy shoegaze. Julia Dream is ethereal psych-folk with experimental sound effects and soaring flute. Substance D is feverish and eerie psychedelic experimentation. If You Feel It is raw, bluesy garage rock with searing psychedelic guitar soloing. Whilst drawing from eclectic musical sources, the album is shot through with a psychedelic atmosphere from start to finish. Impressive stuff.

Forming in 2007 in the City of Brotherly Love, neo-psych band The Orange Drop has been releasing their special blend of mind altering music on Bandcamp since 2011. On November 4, 2016, Mega Dodo Records releases The Orange Drop’s fourth album, Stoned in Love, as both a CD and a limited edition lysergic orange vinyl LP of 250 copies. The Orange Drop is not exactly a retro band, instead they have re-invented 60s/70s psychedelia, slipping in 21st century ideas. Picture, if you will, taking a bit of Julee Cruise (Twin Peaks), The Doors, early Pink Floyd, The Byrds, and a dash of Wooden Shjips, swirling them into a kaleidoscopic aural experience and you may get an idea of Stoned in Love. Searing drone guitar, tons of reverb, melodic vocals, and experimentation abound. The Orange Drop is definitely not a party band. Instead they lock you into a groove, while you sit and sway, as they take you on a magical journey, ultimately having to scrape you off the floor. They also deliver an impeccable cover of Pink Floyd’s “Julia Dream,” rivaling Dave Gilmour’s vocals. But caveat emptor — the abstract and experimental 1:16 instrumental “Substance D” can be very disturbing if you are under the influence. The entire album is fantastic. The “high” points for me are “The Curse of Kukaku,” “Make It Her, Forever,” “Julia Dream,” and the album closer “If You Feel It.” By all means, do not let this release pass you by.

by Henry Schneider, Published 2016-11-04

Birthed in 2007, the Five piece Neo Psych Philadelphian Experiment, Marc-Andre Basil - Guitar, Peter Stanko - Guitar, Dave Johnson - Keys, Matt Calhoun - Bass, Anthony Bove - Drums, The Orange Drop, inseminate our airwaves with their fourth-dimensional experience - Stoned In Love.

A swirling oil wheel effect on the album cover aims to give you a dose of the album's ethereal essence within nine tracks. The initial song medium paced 'Juniper Pearl', somehow has a flashback moment lost in a hazy chamber of emotion, through mellow jangly guitars, and roomy bass and drums. The vocals are sincere and yearning, it has an early 9o's psych feel to it. The searing Ernie Isley/Edwin Collins guitar solo really intensifies the mood warmly.

Delayed chimed guitar droplets, lead into a tremolo smattered Pink Floydian-dreamscape on 'The Curse Of Kukaku', the ghostly vocals led tune, tends to drift from shots mellow to dynamic guarana bursts of energy. Though it brings you back into an ever-morphing lysergic lobby. Laced with generous helpings of transcendental guitar structures and solos that sound not dissimilar to a few mid-late 90's Brit rock bands such as Kula Shaker, Reef, and a trippier Radiohead. Some tanpura, droning strings and pulsing bass, lead into the fuzzy Brian Jonestown Massacred 'Make It Her, Forever', with a chanting, drums and vocals charge. It holds together well, layered organs swells, warm overdriven guitar excursions and adds further dynamic breaks.

After the last wake up call, it seems apt for a journey into a what seems like a mystical forest on 'Julia Dream'. Floating flutes soar in the distance whilst the vocals weave in and out of a guitar, keys, and bass crafted spacious crystal ionosphere. The booming pulse drum rhythm, tussles around the inside of your mind against echoed lingering hive-mind chanting loops, increasing intensely for a piece of your sanity, well that is what maybe 'Substance D' aims to achieve.

A pungent jangly jaunt in French keeps the happy vibes in remembrance on J'Admets' translated as 'I admit'. Bubbly bass, crisp guitars, and a content rhythm section make it more of a shiny happy refreshing experience. The album is past half-way now and brings in some mellow and tuneful acoustic guitar moments through 'Hey Man', with a somewhat sunset tainted drivetime invitation waiting. Which wholesomely continues half-time on 'Part 2', possessing a truly out-into-the-cosmos guitar/bass and drums episode.

Leaving us to ponder what we have just experienced is the fried vocal upbeat finale, If You Feel It'. A straight four-to-the-floor mover and again generously serves up interstellar guitar expressions.

What is truly overwhelming about The Orange Drop is that they come up with the goods and more on Stoned In Love, and whatever they have unleashed unto us, it truly feels as though a Neo Psych H-Bomb has gone off. You really would like to ask yourself, when it is time to come down, though with this band and others in the ever-expanding Psych-sphere at the moment sizzling our minds in their own inventive ways. it certainly does appear to be a long way off that time yet.

Mark Steele, Soundblab

Hailing from Philadelphia, the five piece neo psych experiment, Marc-Andre Basil on Guitar, Peter Stanko also on Guitar, Dave Johnson holding down the Keys, Matt Calhoun on Bass, and Anthony Bove on Drums, morph together to create a fourth dimensional experience.

The swirling oil wheel effect on the album cover aims to give you a dose of the album’s ethereal essence within nine tracks creating a lost and hazy chamber of emotion through mellow jangly guitars, along with a roomy bass and drums. The vocals are sincere and yearning, it has a warm early 1990s psych feel to it, rather than that of the late 1960s. .

Delayed guitar effects swirl into a tremolo reminiscent of a Pink Floydian dreamscape, one where the ghostly vocals tend to drift from shots that are mellow to dynamic bursts of energy. Laced with generous helpings of transcendental guitar structures and solos that sound not dissimilar to a few mid-late 1990s British rock bands such as Kula Shaker, and Reef, while droning strings and a pulsing bass at times lead into the fuzzy Brian Jonestown Massacre “Make It Her, Forever”, complete with a chanting, drums and vocal charges. The album holds together well with swelling layered organs, and warm overdriven guitar excursions that adds further dynamic breaks. They’ve even incorporated Floating flutes which soar in the distance while the vocals weave in and out of these expansive layered riffs.

Oddly, a jangly jaunt in French keeps the happy vibes in check on “J’Admets”, which translates as ‘I admit’. Bubbly bass, crisp guitars, and a content rhythm section make the song more of a shiny happy refreshing experience. “Hey Man” ushers in some mellow and tuneful acoustic guitar moments with a somewhat sunset tainted vision.

Stoned In Love is a lysergic adventure to say the least, and with the orange vinyl, you’re gonna feel more enchanted than ever.

Jenell Kesler, It's Psychedelic Baby

The opening track, "Juniper Pearl", introduces us to their sound with a reverb-saturated, picked guitar chord progression, backed by acoustic accents. As the song begins it first verse, light percussion joins the mix keeping the song steady with dynamic bass drum kicks and crash cymbals. Basile's echoey vocals come in and transform the soundscape with ethereal overtones that complement the 90's-styled lyrics and tone. A slightly dirty guitar comes in and accents the chords with a brief, smooth solo that transitions into the second verse. The track fades out on a similar, yet more aggressive solo, punctuated by heavy drums fills and Basile calling out in the background. This somber, yet ultimately hopeful track's pop sensibilities and old-school instrumentals make it a testament to the appeal of The Orange Drop to a number of various kinds of listeners.

Another song of note on Stoned In Love is "If You Feel It". Starting with a bluesy guitar riff simply backed by the tambourine, we see another side of this group. The drum kicks in hard and Basile's vocals come in more aggressively this time, though still with a fair bit of echo. A steady bass groove keeps the song moving along as it travels through its various parts. A heavily fuzzed solo guitar marks this song with fast, blues-based licks that seal the track's status as decidedly upbeat. With a different approach to bringing the sound of the 60's and 70's back that in "Juniper Pearl", namely its guitar-driven energy, this song shows off the versatility of the group.

With strong vibes from the decades of yesteryears, as well as a strong pop sense with mass appeal to the market, I fully expect The Orange Drop to do well for themselves on a large scale. Their interesting and marketable sound will serve them well and I look forward to their future releases.

Drew, The Lighted Stage

The Orange Drop is a great new psych pop / shoegazer rock band from the U.S.A. The amazing Stoned in Love is their second album I guess following a seven-track CD EP released in 2014 and including some same songs. I've got no idea how Mega Dodo in the U.K. got to know them but I'm glad it happened and they decided to release an album by them since this is very enjoyable, melodic, emotional and high-quality stuff. The band has some garage and 60s vibes as well, but the music is well produced, skillful and sounds fresh, dreamy and interesting at the same time. My only small complaint is that the album is rather short at 36 minutes, but I guess it's always a wise move to let the fans hunger for more...

There are nine songs on the album most of which are relatively short. Things start off with the beautiful "Juniper Pearl" that brings to mind some of the cool alternative pop/rock bands of the 90s. This track is also available as a VERY limited lathe-cut 7". "The Curse of Kukaku" is a slow, dreamy and a bit bluesy number that gets more psychedelic later on. This is the longest track at 7:50 and pretty intense. The other longer track "Make It Her, Forever" start off with an Eastern-tinged drone and is a very hypnotic and mesmerizing piece as a whole including some cool fuzz and tremolo guitar. One of my favourites for sure and will please the Brian Jonestown Massacre fans as well! "Julia Dream" is a wonderful cover of the melancholic and peaceful Pink Floyd song and works really well. Trippy! "Substance D" is the short, very psychedelic intro of side B of the LP version, and then we get to the most hit-sounding song of the album called "J'admets" sung in French. Very catchy and nice pop song! "Hey Man" has some acoustic guitar and percussion and some radio-friendly melodies and dreamy guitar and keyboards. "Part 2" continues the track in instrumental mode with a cool guitar solo. The album is finished with the sort of cheerful "If You Feel It" that has a bit of Rolling Stones vibe to it I think. All in all, this is marvellous album of psychedelic, dreamy pop/rock and I'm already looking forward to hear some more. The orange vinyl is limited to 250 so hurry up please.

Mika Laaska: Dj Astro's Psychedelic Music Blog

It's been a busy time recently at HDHQ, which means I haven't been able to post as often as I would have liked. With Christmas, work and family commitments, a couple of bouts of man-flu my little music blog has been a little neglected of late. But with a new year comes a new start, and a firm promise to myself that I'll make more time for writing. There's so much great music around at the moment. If I can help in some small way bring it just a little more recognition then it's well worth it. Which brings me to this fine record that came out in November last year. It's been a favourite on my listening pile for the last couple of months.

Not an album that you could easily pigeonhole into a recognisable genre (but hey, ain't they often the best?!), this sonically beautiful set of songs has elements of pop, shoegaze, indie, dream-pop and acid-rock yet is not restricted by any of these labels. The album opens with 'Juniper Pearl', sadness tempered with melody and marked out by the vocals which bear an uncanny likeness to those of a young Bobby Gillespie. 'The Curse Of Kukaku' features Dave Gilmour-esque gilded guitar which takes of into the space-rock stratosphere and into the track's hypnotic coda. Tasty!

'Make It Her, Forever' begins with a portentous eastern drone. Its use of quiet/loud dynamics and guitar tremolo. 'Julia Dream' is like a lost Lennon White Album out-take, with a slightly sinister nursery rhyme vibe to it. Simple but enhanced by trippy studio effects. That's it till the end of side one but there's plenty more sonic joys to be had – the dubby beats on 'Substance B', the funky bass and fuzz guitar of 'Hey Man' and the more garage-rock stylings on 'If You Feel It'. Fans of Spiritualized, Heron Oblivion, Ultra Vivid Scene and their ilk are well advised to seek this LP out.

The band are from Philadelphia. There seems to be a happening neo-psych scene there at the moment. You should also check out Shadow Band, who have more of an acid-folk bent rather than the new psych-rock sound of The Orange Drop. But it's interesting to note both bands are mining yesterday's sounds and making something new, vibrant, and very enjoyable. Go check 'em out!

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