62 Miles From Space

'62 Miles From Space' is a two-piece virtual music project founded in Moscow consisting of Neil Davidson (samples, programming) and Roman Kutnov (guitar, vocals). The fact that they lived in the same city is purely a coincidence however. Their music lives entirely on the internet. They don't jam, they don't play live and mostly use virtual instruments, and their collaboration is centered around e-mail.

As the name '62 Miles From Space' suggests, their music doesn't correspond to a particular time or place of creation. Its not part of any artistic narrative. Whether it was made last week, or 50 years ago isn't important. In an age where we can listen to practically any track in recorded history, instantly, at the push of a button, in any order and context, they visit the past and future only as tourists. Mega Dodo is releasing their debut 4 song 12-inch EP later in the year. It will also be available as a download throughout the know universe.