The Insektlife Cycle

The Insektlife Cycle is one of the Philippines' best kept secrets. This quartet was formed in 2013 with members hailing from Manila's underground metal scene. Brothers Ronaldo Vivo Jr. (Drums) and Ronnel Vivo (Guitars) are from Doom/Sludge/Post Metal band Hateure. They combine forces with Jay Jumawan (Guitars) & Joy Legason (Bass) from full contact death metal band Barabbas to bring you music nonpareil from Asia.

Their work is the result of fusing the dreamlike soundscapes of instrumental rock with the luscious panorama of psychedelic/stoner/progressive rock. Their music engulfs the listener like an amazing technicolor dreamcoat of all four seasons simultaneously. The sonorous impressionism of their approach to instrumentation is a journey of subtle jarringness, avoiding any heavy-handed approaches in their pursuit to elevate all those within earshot to a state of sonic euphoria.

Listen to The Insektlife Cycle with reckless abandon and experience the music right at the instance where it affects you the most.

- Markus Bulandus, The Foundation


Now here is something different. The Insektlife Cycle hail from the Philippines and formed in 2013 with members of the band amalgamating from Manila’s underground metal scene. The band consists of Ronaldo Vivo Jr. (Drums) and Ronnel Vivo (Guitars) originating from Doom/Sludge/Post Metal band HATEURE. The brothers have combined forces with Jay Jumawan (Guirars) and Joy Legason (Bass) from full contact death metal band BARABBAS.

Very reminiscent in parts (to these ears anyway) of Jesus Acebo’s band from the late 80′s (Black Sun Ensemble) and Swedish Progressive rock band SLAPRAN who had an LP released last year on the wonderful PSYCHOTRON label.

Psychedelic/Stoner/Acid/Progressive rock are the genres combined here (so something for everyone really) building an array of complex dreamscapes as the band weave their way in and out of your brain. Extremely accomplished musicians and I believe that this is the bands 3rd release.

The release date for this triple gatefold CD is 5th May 2017 so enough advance warning here if you want a copy as once this is picked up by some of the bigger prog rock magazines out there this will become rarer than dodo eggs. As it is the disc is out on Megadodo (DODOCD19) and I’d urge you to check out their website pronto if you want to lay your hands on a copy of this.

Chris Twigger: A Box Of Dreams