Skeleton Goode

The latest addition to Mega Dodo's dysfunctional family is Skeleton Goode. The band's founding member, Jack Briggs, is a foundling. He was discovered deep in the heart of Vietnam by a group of wandering musicians. Pinned to his nappy was a note asking whoever found him to look after him and bring him up as their own child. As soon as he was big enough to hold a guitar and Bowie knife, he was taught how to play guitar and peel a vole. These skills meant he could entertain himself and never go hungry. Although a diet of boiled vole can get tedious. Many years later he found himself deep in the Vietnamese jungle where he survived on a diet of Goi Cuon and listened to bootleg cassettes of obscure local beat and progressive guitar combos. Inspired, he started to write his own songs and record them on primitive three-track tape recorders that had been abandoned by retreating American Forces Network reporters. These remarkably proficent recordings found their way to Mega Dodo HQ in Siagon with the result that he was signed to the label on the understanding that his advance be paid in a mixture of rice and quarter inch magnetic tape. Jack is currently locked in a dingy basement recording his debut long-player with like minded friends. Providing he can smuggle the tapes out of Vietnam and into the UK, the debut album by Skeleton Goode will be released late in 2019.