The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.

This site will act as a portfolio for the English Composition 1001 course at UCBA. It will gather and organize all the work that is done throughout the course. This portfolio will be used to draft, review and revise work, as well as document personal success and growth within the class. Being an online portfolio, it provides an ability to easily share work with a large audience, however, most viewers will consist of my peers and professor.

Throughout the course we will focus on reading, textual analysis and argument and research-based essay writing. All work done during the semester will be developed and represented within this digital portfolio.

Exciting aspects of this course include having the ability to choose our own essay topics and all the projects and activities planned for the semester. Choosing topics allows the course to become more than simply writing essays because we are going to be writing about and expanding our knowledge on topics that personally interest each of us individually. On the other hand, the course is slightly nerve racking due to the size of the workload and the amount of time required to be dedicated to classwork during the week.

The classmate I had the opportunity to speak with on the first day was excited to write and learn more about topics that interest him. He expressed concern toward the fast-paced schedule and the vast amount of due dates within each week. I believe that planning and hard work will result in success in this course and am excited to begin the learning process.