75 objects + 75 Stories

Welcome to 75 Objects + 75 Stories: an online exhibition from Montgomery History

In celebration of its 75th anniversary in 2019, Montgomery History is bringing long overdue attention to its extraordinary collection of artifacts to help tell the story of Montgomery County’s storied past.

The resulting online exhibition, 75 Objects + 75 Stories, highlights some of the most iconic, treasured, and idiosyncratic objects from the collection.

Beyond helping to make our collective past come to life, this exhibit illustrates how each era in the organization’s history nurtured interest in collecting and displaying different types of items, a product of the people who were making those decisions and the times in which they lived.

Providing perpetual care for more than 10,000 objects is an enormous and painstaking undertaking, one which requires a significant outlay of resources annually. To support the conservation of the objects featured in 75 Objects + 75 Stories, as well as the thousands of others we hold in trust for future generations of Montgomery Countians, please donate to The Offutt Fund which is dedicated to the conservation and preservation of our artifacts.

Montgomery History extends a very special thanks to William Allman and Lee Morgan for curating and developing this project, and Katie Dishman for her editorial expertise. Special thanks to Joanna Church for her previous research on these objects.

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