Leiden University Postdoc Assembly

The Leiden University Postdoc Assembly (LUPA) is a supportive, community-building ecosystem for postdoctoral researchers at Leiden University.

Postdocs are a young, independent, valuable working force at universities tasked with advancing science. At the same time, they have to build their career while dealing with uncertainty about the future.

LUPA has the overarching goal of promoting a better understanding of the challenges faced by postdocs and leveraging the potential they have in tackling them.


The assembly works to unite the postdoctoral researchers at Leiden University and raise their visibility within faculties and the executive board.

LUPA's main goals are:

    • Postdoc information hub: Organize and provide relevant information to postdoctoral researchers

    • Community building: Organize scientific events as well as leisure activities to encourage postdocs to forge fruitful and positive relationships.

    • Problem solving: Shed light on postdocs' problems and concerns and help achieve constructive solutions.

    • Representative: Act as liaison to faculties and research group representatives, the university council, and the executive board.