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P.E. Portal

Welcome to the [AT] Home OF cricket!

We know it can be difficult to stay active while in lock down, so the team from Lord's Community have put together some games, activities and challenges to keep you energised throughout the day. You might choose to use these to start your day, during PE time, or any other time you need an active break.

Some of the activities are chances to compete against other people (or the coach!), and some are chances to compete against yourself. Every week, we'll release new activities for you to try. The most important thing is to keep challenging yourself, and to have fun! For each of the activities, always make sure you are in a safe area to play and using equipment that is appropriate for your space, e.g. using soft items if indoors and removing all breakables.

We can't wait to visit your schools again for PE and welcome you back to Lord's! But until then, we hope you enjoy the games and activities throughout this PE Portal.


The portal contains 3 different types of activities:

Short challenges

1-2 minute challenges to practice regularly & try to beat your own score

Play at home

Short sessions you can play along with in your own time

Competition time

Games to play against your class-mates, families to play together, or to play against the coaches



  • If you want to challenge yourself even further, look for the "Super Challenges"

  • If you're finding something a bit too challenging, look for the "Mini Challenges"

Teachers and Parents:

  • There are a variety of activities designed either to be lead by a teacher for a video-based session, or families to play together. It is advised that an adult look through all instructions for these before commencing the game, to understand how it works.