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Don't think about waste-water.

Think about grey-water, yellow-water and black-water.

In nature 'waste' does not exist. Everything is integrated in a living circle.

We can do the same: Loop it !

Check out the Presentation on the Eco-Sanitation page ( see the drop-down menu along the top of this page )

for some interesting reading on how our pee can be used as a fertilizer - or as a chemical base for cosmetics, diesel engine purification etc..

- to find the easiest way to use grey-water for garden watering, green towns etc...

check out the links on grey water on the Eco-Sanitation page.

- to motivate architects to integrate compost-toilets in modern bathrooms for single and multi story buildings,

more information is provided in the Presentation on the Eco-Sanitation page and under the Do It Yourself pages.

We are located in New Zealand and Ghana looking for partner world-wide

to change waste to value.