About us and our philosophy

We are Ulla Bode and Christian Simon, the managers of Loopitpeehappy

We are both German-trained timber joiners, architects and town-planners.

Our passion over the last 30 years has been projects to find simple solutions for environmental and social issues.

During this time we have gained a lot of experience building healthy homes using locally available resources, solar energy and water-less sanitary systems in Germany, France, Italy, Ghana, Guinea and Senegal.

10 years ago we moved to Mangawhai, New Zealand.

For the past 9 years we have lived 'off-grid' in our solar powered home.

We 'loop' our human waste and our grey-water, fertilizing and watering our garden.

Our workshop in Mangawhai New Zealand

Why are we concentrating on urinals?

Developed countries need an alternative to today's common large waste-water treatment systems. Our flush-less urinals for men and women provide that alternative and are the key to push for change. Our urinals are beautiful, colourful and small, but don't smell. They can be easily fitted into existing and new bathrooms.

Many people in minor developed countries live without any sanitary facilities that causes 80 % of early childhood death worldwide :- faecally contaminated water.

But there's more! Our urinals open the door to multiple ecological benefits: i.e. saving water, providing free fertilizer and significantly they open the way to affordable faecal composting systems for everyone.

We are starting as a very small business but we can bring big changes to save our water and stop the over fertilizing of rivers, lakes and shores .

Our Urinals and Faecal-Composting-Systems are suitable for rural and heavily populated urban/city areas. They are an affordable, workable alternative to flushing toilet systems. Join us in our endeavors for a natural healthy alternative!

  1. Our separation toilets in test during public events Hannover Germany 2006

Some of our Solar low energy house projects Germany 1997-1995

The former Russian military head quarter in Wuensdorf East Berlin

Our concept to convert for ecologic living 1995

Our political Philosophy

The current mind set of - do what you can do best - must be balanced by the principle - be self-sufficient in basic needs.

The shorter the loop the better. Small is beautiful!

We believe that the fundamental basis for a sustainable future is peace. Peace can only be achieved when every community worldwide is, to a certain level, self-sufficient and respectful of each-other and mother earth. ( discover the Swiss Historian Daniele Ganser )

The current economy is petrol driven. Nearly all current wars are about this resource.

The economy of the future will be based on solar-energy and bio grow materials.

It's a big step. But the technology is already developed. It is up to us to make it a reality step by step.

Instead of social and environmental issues our "free press" feeds us with war-propaganda.

The "good guys must kill the bad guys" strategy will never resolve any conflict.

Only when we develop respect for each other - even for our enemy - we can resolve the issues we face.

Let us : - work together to bring human beings and nature into a harmonious balance.

- create energy-self-sufficient houses and communities, based on renewable solar power.

- produce healthy local food.

- take care and not flush away our human waste.

- live in nature's magic circle of life.



Tambacounda East Senegal Education Center for Solar Energy and Eco-Sanitation designed and build 2000 - 2005

Flush-less separation toilet in Mankuatze Ghana designed and build 2001 - 2003

Public toilet under construction