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Separating Toilets

Urine separation toilets


Custom build in

WM porcelain toilet

We have been developing separation toilets since 1989.

We produce them as an 'all in one stand alone box' or integrate them in the bathroom.

The principle is the same: they always come with a urine separator, a urine container, a fan and a wheelie bin for the solid waste.

On average , the container needs to be emptied twice a year for every person using it.

The 'Throne', -the all-in-one stand-alone box can be located whereever you have space.

Installed in your garage , workshop or garden shed they provide an added convenience for everyday use, or as an alternative for use in emergencies ( e.g. power cuts ) .

These toilets can be custom-built to be integrated into your bathroom. Depending on the availability of space under your floor larger bins and porcelain separation toilets can be used.

Essential for your Separating Toilet is THE SEPARATOR !

You will need :

  • a toilet seat (e.g such as in the above examples )
  • 1 - 2 wheely bins
  • a 100 mm pipe for aeration.
  • a small fan, - solar / wind-powered or plugged in to the mains.
  • a pipe to catch the urine.
  • a can or distribution pipe for urine
  • an area for composting the waste
  • N.B. A Detailed DIY manual will be available soon.