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Wooden Water-less Urinals

For the last 12 years we have been providing wooden urinals for use in family homes.

They add an artistic touch and keep your bathroom clean and odour-free.

You could build your own, - or commission us to put one together for you, using the timber of your choice ( $NZ 1200.00, Euro 746.00).

We got involved in developing separation toilets back in 1989 and since 2005 have been experimenting with various materials and construction methods to develop an optimum design for urinals made out of wood.

After years of trial and error we are satisfied that we have come up with the most effective and attractive design and the ones we have produced are working very well,

We are happy to report that there are no unpleasant odors !

We started by experimenting with ways to construct the ideal shape and to find the best ways to put them together and to get them working.

Over the last 12 years we have turned out a couple of hundred of these wooden urinals which are still being used by our very satisfied customers.

We are still producing the occasional wooden urinal but there is a lot of work involved in cutting and assembling all the components which makes them quite expensive - which is why we have moved on to creating our PE urinals.

The wooden urinals also need more frequent, regular maintenance than the plastic models.

If you'd like to commission us to put one together for you, please get in touch with us by e-mail - and if you'd like to build one on your own, we'd be quite happy to provide all the information that you'll need.

Urine separation toilets

The 'Throne'

Custom build-in

WM Porcelain Toilet

We have been developing separation toilets since 1989.

We produce them as an 'all in one stand alone box' or integrate them in the bathroom.

The principle is the same: they always come with a urine separator, a urine container, a fan and a wheelie bin for the solid waste.

On average , the container needs to be exchanged twice a year for every person using it.

The 'Throne', -the all-in-one stand-alone box can be located where-ever you have space. Installed in your garage , workshop or garden shed they provide an added convenience for everyday use, or as an alternative for use in emergencies ( e.g. power cuts ) .

These toilets can be custom-built to be integrated into your bathroom. Depending on the availability of space under your floor larger bins and porcelain separation toilets can be used.