"Our biggest challenge in this new century is to take an idea that seems abstract - sustainable development - and turn it into a reality for all the world's people"

- Kofi Annan Secretary-General of the United Nations

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Global Connections – Project Based Learning

These classes will focus on project-based learning (PBL). PBL is a way of learning about different subjects at the same time. Students will research real-world topics and come up with their own solutions in their groups. Every topic will include a final project which will include a public presentation.

Recent Events

12/06/2021 - Grade 7 students tested out their solar ovens this week. They have been learning about "SDG 7 Clean and Affordable Energy". They used clean energy to cook chocolate or cheese crackers. They learned that there ways to use clean energy in the real world.

10/22/2021 - Students this week took a look at SDG-14 Life Under Water. Teacher Ebon helped students cook a local, sustainable seafood pasta using local seafood. Some students also gave a presentation on the topic.