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Report Card – How are we doing?

The 2021 school year has been speeding along .... And here we are at report card time! So how are things? Actually, pretty well. While there have been a few positive cases of COVID at Lisgar, no serious issues have arisen, no doubt thanks to the dedication of Lisgar staff and


And more good news! Music Repertoire and Outdoor Education classes have been able to resume and some credit can be attributed to the many emails and communication from parents to the School Board/ Trustee urging for these courses to be allowed within the construct of the quadmester and COVID guidelines. A big Thank You to those who added their voice! And the Food and Hospitality classes, with access to the full kitchens, are able to cook and share their culinary delights again.

The grad photos have been completed and we anticipate that regular school photos will be taken in the new year. And speaking of grads, the Prom Committee is actively planning for the year end celebration to send off the Class of 2022.

Of course, not everything is as usual. Some school sports are still impacted as are activities such as field trips due to bus and driver shortages. Also, lunch options for students are limited with the cafeteria being closed and many food outlets in the Lisgar area still closed as office buildings remain largely empty. More about that later.

Lisgar School Council has been actively advocating for the resumption of the course and programs which our kids value. We have also been paying attention to the issues that have been raised, such as student food security, reliability of public transportation and how we might be able to help enrich the student learning experience with our Fundraising Initiative.

Help Wanted

The issues we are monitoring often require good communication with our Trustee (Zone 10); unfortunately we do not have a parent volunteer to take the role of our Zone 10 liaison. LSC is looking for a volunteer to be our Zone 10 liaison. If you are interested in this important role, please contact us .

Meanwhile, would you like to meet the LSC Executive? Please click here to be introduced to our dedicated volunteers.

In addition to playing a role on School Council, you can help in other ways. Since no school fees were issued this year, many parents have not gone to School Cash on Line. I would encourage you to do so. Through this portal you can order a yearbook, as well as contribute to the annual Holiday Fund for Lisgar Students and Families in Need, about which you have received information this week. By the way, as you go to check out, you will be offered the option to contribute to the Lisgar School Council’s Fundraising Initiative. I hope you will be able to add to this fund as we will be opening for applications for support soon.

Coming up

In 2019, Lisgar was among the schools participating in an international survey of social and emotional skills as a part of the OCDSB’s participation in an international study organized by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). [Full disclosure, I was one of the study administrators.] On Monday, November 29th there will be a launch of the national study report. The webinar will feature a panel discussion on study findings with Andreas Schleicher, Director for the Directorate of Education and Skills, OECD, Dr. David Tranter, Associate Professor at Lakehead University and Scientific Director at the Centre for Relationship-Based Education, and Heather Woods, PhD Candidate and Part-Time Professor at University of Ottawa. Learn more or register on the website. Whether or not you can partake in the webinar, the study is worth a read.

The LSC had set up a Student Food Security Working Group and this WG will be reporting back at our next LSC virtually held meeting on December 7th @7pm. This and many other important matters will be discussed and we welcome questions and suggestions from all parents. I would reiterate, you do not need to be part of the LSC Executive to participate in our meetings and rich discussions.

Stay tuned for the meeting agenda the link which will be sent out soon.

Do you have questions, ideas and topics to add to our agenda, please send them to .

I hope you will join us.

Lucie Bohac


Lisgar School Council

Lisgar School Council – Draft Agenda

7:00 p.m. Dec 7, 2021

Virtual – via Google Meet