KSS Turtle Invitational

2nd Annual KSS Robotics Turtle Invitational is Saturday July 27th 2019

The KSS Robotics Turtle Invitational has three focuses:

  • Educate and inform the public about FIRST and skills learned from FIRST competitions
  • Give FTC teams an opportunity to learn from teams
  • Have a fun time playing with robots and talking about technical skills

The Turtle Invitational will be held at Akron University in Akron OH, on Saturday July 27 2019, like last year it will feature presentations by teams and a robot game (Rover Ruckus for this year).......(shhhhhh it's a secret, but thereee could be prizes for robot game winners). If you have any questions contact Tiny Turtle or Tackle (at) kssrobotics.org. More contacts at bottom of page.

BTW-- On the Friday before the event (July 26) there will be a team social, location TBD

Fill out this form in order to convey your interest in the Turtle 2!!!

Founded by: @tiny_turtle

Contact KSS Robotics

James Arch jjarch (at) windstream.net - President, KSS Robotics

Nathan Sterrett tackle (at) kssrobotics.org - Treasurer, KSS Robotics

Gwen Sterrett Discord: t-20 Email: gwensterrett@gmail.com