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Sponsor Benefits

KSS Robotics is a non-profit exempt organization as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code; EIN 46-5688151, it is charted to support local FIRST teams.

All Levels

    1. Tax deduction under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code
    2. Logo/Name on display at competitions
    3. Thanked in newsletter
    4. VIP Tour at local competitions
    5. Team buttons


All previous benefits, plus:

    1. Small logo/name on team t-shirts
    2. T-shirt from the team of your choice
    3. Logo/Name on website


All other benefits, plus:

    1. Large Logo/Name on team t-shirts
    2. Large Logo/Name on competition robot of your choice
    3. 2-5 t-shirts, as requested
    4. KSS Robotics event sponsorship (Logo displayed at KSU or Turtle FTC events)


All other benefits, plus one of:

    1. Naming rights for the KSS Robotics Turtle Invitational
    2. Naming rights for the KSS Robotics space
    3. Naming rights for a KSS Robotics FTC team

Contact KSS Robotics

James Arch jjarch (at) windstream.net - President, KSS Robotics

Nathan Sterrett tackle (at) kssrobotics.org - Treasurer, KSS Robotics