Our prior Groups.IO email messaging service has been terminated (as well as the older Yahoo groups). You should be receiving email from KPARN on your provided Gmail address (see below) or whichever email address you have designated to use for KPARN announcements. If you are not getting these emails, then supply your desired email address and texting information (cell carrier name) by emailing kparn.org@gmail.com.
If you are still not receiving KPARN email, then email Duane or Dave.

  • MEMBERS WEBSITE there is a private KPARN website for members on Google Sites. Because of Google's hosting security rules, you must log into a Google account that has been pre-authorized by us for access to the site. KPARN is authorizing access using your Gmail address; essentially your Gmail log-in is your password.
    To access the members site you must have a Gmail account known by and pre-authorized by KPARN AND be logged into that account to access the members private website.

  • We are adding forms to the members website to self-report volunteer hours you spend on activities directly supporting KPARN and also to self report your training completion. It is important for KPARN funding that you report this information (note you can record hours without a Gmail account).

  • You may receive KPARN announcements on a preferred non-Gmail primary email address and use your Gmail account for logging into the members website. Use any current Gmail/Google account you have. Or if you wish, create a Gmail account just for KPARN login; we suggest the account be named "YourCall@gmail.com." In any case, email kparn.org@gmail.com and let us know which email address you want to use for receiving announcements and which one for enabling login to the members site.

  • Report Submittal: Selected individuals will be given editor status to submit and maintain their station's monthly drill reports folder. However, as with member login, you must have a Google account to allow access.

  • KPARN may use an email-to-SMS text gateway for your mobile carrier and you may not be able to reply via text. Respond instead to our email address unless the text is from an individual or contains another phone number to use for a text reply.

  • If you are receiving our emails but not our texts, then we may not be using the right phone number and carrier gateway address for you. Verify your carrier and phone number by emailing to text for youself. You can find the correct address to use by consulting this Carrier List or by Googling: "email to sms gateway for (my carrier)." When you find the number@gateway combination that works to email text to yourself, send that combination along with your name and call sign to kparn.org@gmail.com.

  • Be aware that Kaiser Permanente has a separate Alert system using email and text but this is independant of KPARN.