Membership Information and Expectations

Why are we needed?

    • Kaiser Permanente has multiple layers of communication resources, but the last layer is KPARN amateur radio. We hope that won't be necessary, but if we are needed, our support will be crucial.

    • See the introduction to KPARN on the About page.

    • Read about real world incidents where amateur radio played a role on the General Articles page.

    • Read more about KPARN and amateur radio roles in emergency communications on the KPARN documents page.

What members do

The time commitment is not large.

  • Participate in the monthly drills at your assigned facility (or as necessary during COVID, from your home station)
    (visitors can listen or participate in the drills...see our
    Public Access Page)

  • Some online course work is required (FEMA mostly and HIPPA rules). Click here to see the training list.

  • Participation in all KPARN activities is encouraged

  • There is opportunity for you to help even if there is no Kaiser facility near you. If you have general computer skills (MS Office etc.) there are database and website update and maintainance tasks to be done. Also data entry and other clerical support is needed.

Membership Expectations

KPARN Member Expections Agreement.pdf

How to JOIN

  1. Print, sign, and scan the KPARN MEMBER EXPECTATIONS document above.
    (Click the "expand" icon in the upper right corner of the document to download a copy.)

  2. Email a PDF soft copy of the signed form to: After we receive your application we will email you more information.

  3. Fill out our online APPLICATION FORM (please fill out the form even if you are not certain you want to join so we can send you more info.)

  4. See the bottom section of this page for What happens after I Join?

What happens after I Join?

  • You should start receiving email announcements and information from KPARN. If you are not getting any after a while, email and we will verify that you are on distribution. You should receive our emails on your Gmail adderess (or alternate provided if no Gmail address was provided).

  • KPARN has a private website for members with additional information. In order to access that website, you need to have a Google (Gmail) account.
    Read more about that on the Member Access page.

  • You will receive information about your assigned KPARN location and access to that site.

  • Start your training course work, especially the new member reading and mandatory training courses found on the Training List. FEMA courses IS-100, 200, and -700 plus one of the HIPPA courses need to be taken and their certificates emailed to KPARN to complete the application.

WELCOME to KPARN! We thank you and appreciate your willingness to serve Kaiser Permanente during emergency situations enabling them to continue providing medical services to those in need.