Like You

Cyklus Jako ty / Like You Series, digitální fotografie, digital photo, 50x70 cm, 2007/09

How is animal generally acknowledged? What does it mean? Who is it? To whom or what does it belong? Who do we categorize in this unambiguous concept which we define frivolously with the word animal? The concept of the animal was chosen by man for beings other then himself who he saw as superordinate. Where is the border between a man and an animal? The animal in its day to day life does not exist separate from a man, there is no dividing line. Because of the vast range and number of living beings you cannot simplify the animality into one single expression in the same way as you apply humanity to mankind.

Becoming animal as described by Deleuze and Guattari is a radical metamorphosis. It is not the animal which is being turned into an animal or put it another way it is he who is aware of his animality as a necessary condition for balanced existence. The animal character of a human being is conditioned by irrationality. What exactly does it mean to highlight the folly of the world where the best of all possible balances is given by the animal and not by the human being. According to the words of Deleuze and Guattari becoming an animal is not a metamorphosis but much more a touch down, symbiosis or alliance. There is no discord but a perfect harmony in the unambiguous imbalance.

“A metamorphosis of the animal is neither a dream nor a phantom. It is completely real. What reality is it about? Becoming animal does not mean either acting as an animal or imitating one. It is also obvious that man is not becoming animal just as animal is not becoming anything else. There is nothing evolving from this metamorphosis other than the change itself. The reality is being oneself, the completeness of this metamorphosis, not simply imaginary boundaries by which the changed entity has passed through.“

(Gilles Deleuze a Félix Guattari, Mille plateaux)