"A highlight about Shamanic cultures is the premise that the community appoints the shaman. The quotes on J's website are a demonstration of that ancient and modern premise being respected."-I.C.

"Working with J has given me infinity within my own mind."-J.B.

"J is a cross-world coach."-I.C.

"J is making a movement of mystical healing. As someone who has had the pleasure of experiencing all of the modalities in which J works, I can only say J has made all the difference in the world for me."-T.S.

"It is amazing that J can create this caliber of ceremonial experience even once. But that I have come to expect it from J every time is a true wonder."-J.I

"J is a magic maker. S/he has a unique ability to see the truth of each person and reflect it back so it shines brightly. My one-on-one sessions with them are carefully crafted so that they can heal trauma, giving me freedom to live my life to the fullest. Before J, life was lived through a veil. After practicing with J, my veil has been lifted and I now see how wondrous and full of joy life is."-I.C.

“J is more than a teacher. S/he is an orgasmic piper—the best cheerleader bringing students into high-vibing vortex of the synergy of five senses. J delivers it every time. I experience J as a spiritual best friend. J has a way of holding students with such care that I feel I have known hir forever. S/he is unapologetically a big “YES!” for life and wears that as body-positive and sex-positive, all wrapped up in one."-S.G.

"J has been an instrumental part of my healing journey. I know I can totally be at ease and relax into J's insightful guidance. Through our one-on-one coaching, I was able to see myself in new ways and I feel stronger than I ever have."-L.F.

“Working with J as a healer has been an unexpected and ever-unfolding process. I believe the three words I can best apply to J's healing practice are: generosity, openness and patience. I have learned and changed so much over the years of our work, primarily in the areas of bodily presence, self-acceptance and trust. These are gifts that emerged as the natural result of the creative healing practice that J both embodies and undertakes. I would not be who I am today without the gifts of this relationship, the gifts of this practice.”-J.B.

“If you are a fully committed 'Yes to Life', no matter where you are on that path, J is the medicine for You. Every soul meeting, whether through movement or in session, is an invitation to step into the perfection of our incarnation. Without words even, there is a transmission that calls out any bull**** that prevents me from living out loud. Each privilege to be in J's company is Permanently Life Transforming. You can not NOT be positively impacted through a J encounter. I Adore J. Words don't even begin to express the infinity of present loving compassion J exudes .”-S.G.

"J has instilled in me what the purpose of this incarnation is here and now, and taught me how to live with intention, under grace. "-H.W.

"If you want a teacher who has walked the path ahead of you, J is the one for you. From my ongoing work with J, I have been empowered to help so many people in my own personal business and life path."-S.D.

"J instigates in such a compelling way that it sends an immediate signal of sovereignty."-C.B.

J helped me reconnect with my feminine power, my love of dance, and untapped sacred gifts. After just one session, I felt like my body finally had a reference point for holding strong boundaries, and connection to my essence. Following our session, I was able to define what it was I wanted to do in my business and, with zero effort, attracted my first client! J's work cut through the B.S. in a relatively short time - and in a fun way - while still facilitating a powerful transformation!”-B.R.

"J's got serious skills and gifts. Everything is more delightful after J's sessions. More sensory sensations. More light. More life.”-K.R.

“There is a ‘before I began working with J’ and an ‘after.’ It has been the most beautiful transition in my life, leading to infinite layers of opening myself to myself, to relationship, to the planet and to creation."-J.B.

"Before a session with J: muddy and lost. After a session with J: plugged in and aware."-S.G.

"I am beyond grateful for J's skillfulness and tools. With a style that is intimate, exacting, present and spacious, what J can accomplish in a single session is admirable and astounding."-C.B.

“J is an energetic being embodying presence, clarity and love. Working with them has helped me find my way back to my own divine feminine power. J has a way of attuning to what you need and shows up from that place - lovingly yet firmly challenging your negative thought patterns or softly caressing your soul when it is crying out for love and attention. I’ve done a lot of work over the years, but nothing has been like this in its impact, power and resonance. I feel like it was divined by spirit that I would meet J. I feel embodied, present and working towards clarity after our sessions.”-A.M.

“J makes personal soul expansion possible through their incredible capacity to read my being’s journey on a multi-dimensional level. Their graceful loving delivery of wisdom makes it possible for my system to receive without strain, facilitating expansion to degrees I have always longed for. Previously, their grace and magic has only existed in my dreams.”-L.W.

"When J is speaking to everyone, it is as if J is speaking to just me. I am not quite sure how they do that, but it is quite magical."-J.I.

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