Where Spirit Meets Sweat

Breath Work, Energy Healing, Intention Setting, Movement Therapy, Intimacy and Connection all Within a Ceremonial Container Held By a Tantric Priestess.

J grew up in the hills of California. J danced hip hop in L.A., spun with the whirling dervishes and danced with the Aboriginal people in Australia and, upon return to the U.S., developed an independent and experimental form of catharsis through Butoh. Then, J deepened in breath-work, Prana-generating practices and movement medicine modes (including Planet Motion and Ecstatic Dance).

J's movement practice is alive—where Spirit meets sweat. With a heart of hip-hop and whirling dervish, with cross cultural and midline intelligence, emphasizing breath work and life force play, this practice and process is about embodied bliss. The rising of love, beauty and sensuality in the play between J and the group culminates in energy being collected and redistributed to each member through movement, telepathy and love. J encourages movers to step within the cosmic reality of their own skin without labels or story. Currently under the title of Ecstatic Dance or Planet Motion, you can practice movement with J at the following times/ locations:


  • Tuesday at 09:00- One Being Wellness Revolution (409 S. Public Rd, B)-Women's Circle (Queer Friendly)
  • Wednesday at 11:30- Mapleton Y (Boulder)
  • Thursday at 09:00- One Being Wellness Revolution (409 S. Public Rd, B)-Women's Circle (Queer Friendly)
  • Saturday at 8:45am- Soul Tree South (Lafayette)
  • Saturday at 12:00 noon- Mapleton Y (Boulder)

Mapleton Y: 2850 Mapleton Ave, Boulder, CO 80301/ Drop in $12, Memberships available

One Being Wellness Revolution: $20, Cash (preferred), Check or Venmo/ Paypal

Soul Tree South: 1280 Centaur Village Dr #7, Lafayette, CO 80026/ Drop in $15, Punch Cards available

Monthly Full Moon Events Held On the Full Moon of Each Month

Immersion and Activation Retreats Four Times a Year

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"Every class with J is an embodied practice of coming home to myself, my true nature. While leading the class, J reminds us - sometimes firmly, always gently - that there is wisdom inherent in us all, which actually clears the static of subtle judgment that can so often underpin even the most well-intended spiritual communities and experiences. J clearly values and loves each person in the room just as they are, which allows each of us to love ourselves the same way; this creates a safe, ecstatic and liberating ceremonial space to shine individually and collectively. Movement with J is pure medicine for me!"-C.B.

"Group movement and one-to-one sessions with J are magicthe most I have ever felt and seen. And J is the beautiful creator of this. And then we help co-create it. I have seen this make awe-inspiring changes in so many people's lives."-S.B.

"It is amazing to get a whole new nervous system in the span of one hour!"-L.G.

"I want everyone to experience J’s movement sessions. This is not about technique. These sessions show me how willing I am to expand. The teacher/ leader at the front is there to share capacity to organize and cultivate community—seamless and encouraging honesty and vibrancy. I don’t really know anyone’s name but I know them as gratitude. J ushers in the empowering experience of letting myself go and regaining myself within the course of one session.”-A.E.

“I have danced for decades in many different styles and methods, and what J offers in class is unique—goes beyond the typical dance experience and into a healing realm."-S.M.

“J’s sessions are ceremonies that feel specifically designed for me—then I check in with others in the session and they were feeling it was something specifically designed for them. How J does that, I don’t know, but it is truly special!”-S.D.

“J sets sacred container. The way energy is handled in the space allows us to be raw and safe.”-L.P.

"J has the unique ability to create movement experiences that feel specially designed for each of us in attendance. I leave these sessions with a sense of fulfillment, empowerment, and gratitude that carries me through my day. “-P.S.

"I regularly beg J to never stop teaching—like never. What I get from J's sessions is irreplaceable."-N.T.

"There's a reason that J's class is so powerful. S/he commands everything you've got. S/he takes it all in, adds energy and distributes it back through sweat and pure bliss. Turns you on and keeps it on."-I.C.

"J's movement sessions encourage a subtle yet powerful unfolding, as much they offer a deep, deep reverence. When we close, my heart, mind and body are in complete agreement, beaming, "I am beautiful."-S.O.

"J makes me dance sexier than I am!"-S.D.

(Photo taken at Soul Tree Studio by Isabel Cousins)