Core Shamanism is a spiritual form of healing focused on getting from out of balance to in balance. J offers both Shamanic and Mind/ Body Coaching packages. These packages are highly individual and customized. They draw on the full breadth of J's trainings and apprenticeships to provide specialized discovery experiences. The following are statements from clients who have worked with J in this manner:

“My experience relating to J as a healer is that of profound union. J knows what it feels like to be divided into parts and what it takes to journey through this illusion of separation towards the union of whole being."-L.G.

"I have had the honor of working with J as my teacher, mentor, gender shaman, and spiritual guide for years. As a Trans* individual, previously identifying as an atheist, I would have never thought I could work so closely with a single individual through intersections of gender/s and spiritual practice. J instantly understood impacts of societal and self-imposed limitations imprinted on my psyche better than I did. They have pushed me with grace, patience, love, and ancient wisdom.

I would recommend working with J to anyone, and specifically to my queer and Trans* siblings. Stepping into working with J is stepping into a deep commitment to one’s own soul. There will only be unveiling, deepening, and opening. And one will never be the same.”-J.B.

“J is no doubt top tier-healer, an expert. Healings from J always make me feel better, and I am a sensitive for whom that is not universally true. Transmutation is necessary in order to make me feel good. J is a transmuter.”-L.F.

"Working one-to-one with J, I was exposed to reorganizing downloads that made all of cosmos seem much easier to feel and comprehend very clearly!"-A.K.

"I feel like J is my Spirit Guide. I have no idea how that is possible, but it’s how I feel."-K.C.

"I highly recommend work with J to anyone looking to engage in self-examination and growth! "-L.H.

"During my healing with J, their hands were very hot, radiating into my SI joints. Then there were several exhilarating rushes up the spine. The power took my breath away and instantly made me feel better. "-N.T.

"What had been impossible for 24 years between me and my husband has become regular and easeful after 3 months of working with J. Suddenly, because of my commitment to what I wanted and J’s expert healing guidance, I am able to have everything I’ve ever dreamed of. I’m so grateful and hope that if you want a massive healing, you contact J.” -S.D.

“J is one of the corners of my spiritual life now. Working with J allowed me to be myself and overcome obstacles that—honest to God—had dampened my intuition for years."-T.T.

"J is able to get very specific because one of their biggest strengths is their ability to apply both precise and poetic language to explain things that are often felt and not understood. This allows them to create clarity amidst a lot of material and energy and is one of the attributes I believe makes them unique to other healers. "-J.M.

"I don’t know quite how to put into words the shamanic healing I just received from J. It was one of the most profound moments of my life. It was powerful and yet I felt safe with J. We stepped outside of time and I felt all my earthly troubles dissolve away and felt totally changed when we returned to "ordinary" time. I felt held and safe and so totally seen throughout the process. It was something I will never forget. J is truly an expert guide of the unseen realms. I trust J completely."-L.L.

“J's work is healing, and multi-dimensional/ multi-faceted. It makes me think of a diamond.”-S.S.

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