Monthly Moon Ceremonies

Breath Work, Energy Healing, Intention Setting, Movement Therapy, Intimacy and Connection all Within a Ceremonial Container Held by a Tantric Priestess.

J's movement practice is alive—where Spirit meets sweat. Raising the vibration of the planet, one breath at a time.

Each month we work with a different theme—combining said theme with the powerful energies of the moons. Each Moon Ceremony is an attunement that facilitates the raising of individual and collective frequency. This is a spiritual practice. It combines movement, healing, breath work, ecstatic celebration of self and community all within a ceremonial container held by a Tantric Priestess.

In between each ceremony is when integration takes place. During that time, J is available for one-to-one sessions tailored to personal and spiritual needs.

"As someone who became sober and so completed my involvement with the rave scene quite a while ago, it delights me to no end to feel similar energy at J's gatherings. How J does it without additives is beyond me. These moon events are like secret raves!"-L.F.

"J somehow gives the collective a spa treatment. It is really miraculous."-C.B.

"This is a moving sweat-lodge experience! Incredible to have the entire sweat-lodge construction get up and discharge by movement!"-K.C.

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