J Hastain

Ecstatic and Mystical Mentorship Through Movement, Coaching and Spiritual Forms of Healing

As a facilitator in the sacred healing arts, J identifies as a "will worker" and Tantric Priestess specializing in LGBTQIA+ and welcomes folks of all identities to connect for healing and co-creation.

They work in personalized and intimate meetings of Mystical and Magical Healing and subconscious therapy through Spirit and Love. All their healing is based on trainings and apprenticeships across the board from Core Shamanism to Reiki, to Clearings and Energy Healings, Creatrix Blessings and Deific Teachings. All listed and several unlisted types of modalities are combined to generate a unique energizing, healing and activating experience.

A practiced and gifted healer, J straddles the threshold between Spirit and the physical world for optimum success.

There is an aspect of J’s healings—Mystical Mentoring—which involves socializing an individual or group in how it feels to orient from sovereignty. These healing sessions are akin to chiropractic adjustments on mental space or the grid or field of being.

J’s approach to healing is non-religious (unless you want religious attributes of your own affiliations included in the packages).

J lives in Lafayette, Colorado—does long distance work by phone, FaceTime and Skype. If you live locally, J has a 'come to you' aspect of their practice, in which you can get sessions at your own home or a public place. In some circumstances, a session would take place in J's home office.

Medicine for body, Spirit, and soul, J curates new and refreshed Light.

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