J covers a wide range of healing modalities. Their Core Shamanic aspects include Gender Shamanism, Soul Retrieval, Shamanic Extraction and Transfiguration as well as Psychopomp/ Death Doula assistance. They offer blessings, heal with spiritual light and clear karmic patterns. J’s general healings include Soul Therapy/ Soul Alignment/ "Soul Tantra" and Reiki. They do crystal healings, energy work, chakra clearings, and house clearings as well as dream interpretation and intuitive readings.

They facilitate group gatherings and celebrations including retreats and Moon/ Quarterlies Ceremonies and Celebrations, Hand Fastings, Weddings, Women’s Circles and Blessingway Ceremonies for pregnant mothers and their babies. J facilitates movement sessions for specific needs (birthday, grief, joy, health, etc).

They also offer writing mentorship, sacred tattoo consultation and Beloved orientation arts. Additionally, J hosts a Mystery School. From active dreaming to sound healing and Mystical Mentoring, J creates personalized magic to heal each individual and bring them back to their true selves.

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