Jennifer C. Girón

Beetle taxonomy, biodiversity, systematics, and morphology

I'm a recent Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from the University of Kansas.

My research focuses on beetle systematics and taxonomy, mainly on the Neotropical members of the subfamilies Entiminae (Curculionidae) and Acidocerinae (Hydrophilidae).

I'm also interested in beetle morphology, biological collections, and biodiversity informatics.

Currently, I'm a Research Associate of the Invertebrate Zoology Collection at the Natural Science Research Laboratory, Museum of Texas Tech University, where I am performing curatorial and collection management duties, including the handling of loan and data requests.

There is a note on the reactivation of the NSRL collection in the

Spring 2019 Edition of the NSRL News.

If you are interested in borrowing specimens from northern Texas and southwestern US, please fill out the form for loan requests, or contact me at:

I successfully defended my dissertation!

Apodrosus quisqueyanus Girón & Franz, 2010
Quadriops clusia Girón & Short, 2017
Created on March 10 2018

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