Jennifer C. Girón duque

Beetle morphology, taxonomy, biodiversity, and systematics

My research focuses on beetle systematics and taxonomy, mainly on the Neotropical members of the subfamilies Entiminae (Curculionidae) and Acidocerinae (Hydrophilidae).

I'm interested in beetle morphology, biological collections, and biodiversity informatics.

I manage the Ontology for the Anatomy of the Insect SkeletoMuscular system and the
Coleoptera Anatomy Ontology.

I'm one of the coordinators of the Grupo de Coleopterólogos de Colombia
and co-editor and manager of


First collaboration on darkling beetles including data from the Ontology for the Anatomy of the Insect SkeletoMuscular system

Kamiński et al. 2022. Female terminalia morphology and cladistic relations among Tok-Tok beetles (Tenebrionidae: Sepidiini). Cladistics.

First paper dealing with endosymbionts and genomic data published in Ecology and Evolution

Manthey, J.D., Girón, J.C. & Hruska, J.P. (2022) Impact of host demography and evolutionary history on endosymbiont molecular evolution: A test in carpenter ants (genus Camponotus) and their Blochmannia endosymbionts. Ecology and Evolution 12, e9026.

New species of Epicaerus from Panama published in Zootaxa.

Epicaerus panamensis Girón & de Medeiros is a new species of broad-nosed weevil known from Tierras Altas, Chiriquí, Panama.

It is closely related to Epicaerus inaequalis, but there is much more to learn about these species.

Atencio et al. 2022. A new species of Epicaerus Pascoe, 1881 (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Entiminae: Geonemini) associated with potato cultivars in Tierras Altas de Chiriquí, Panama. Zootaxa, 5115(1): 103–121.

I earned the biodiversity data mobilization badge from GBIF

As a collaborator in a GBIF-funded grant, I participated in the BID Caribbean Data Mobilization workshop 2021.

On February 2022 the Grupo de Coleopterólogos de Colombia surpassed its first 1000 species listed.

Colombian Coleoptera workers with colleagues from other countries have been hard at work scanning through the published literature to compile information about the beetles recorded from the country.

Current taxonomic lists published by members of the group via SiB Colombia and GBIF can be found at All lists include references to original descriptions and additional publications citing taxonomic groups, with links to those publications that can be found online.

We posted a preprint about our work with the Ontology for the Anatomy of the Insect SkeletoMuscular system (AISM):

Girón, J. C., S. Tarasov, L. A. González Montaña, N. Matentzoglu, A. D. Smith, M. Koch, B. E. Boudinot, P. Bouchard, R. Burks, L. Vogt, M. Yoder, D. Osumi-Sutherland, F. Friedrich, R. Beutel, I. Mikó (2022) Formalizing insect morphological data: a model-based, extensible insect anatomy ontology and its potential applications in biodiversity research and informatics. Preprints.

The Coleoptera Anatomy Ontology (COLAO) is now accepted by the OBO Foundry and available through the following portals:

Grupo de Coleopterólogos de Colombia

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These are my focal groups:

Apodrosus quisqueyanus Girón & Franz, 2010
Quadriops clusia Girón & Short, 2017