Field visit with CDAC team: Nov 2014

Date: November 10th, 2014


Ms. Sri lakshmi and Mr. Ananthswamy from BBMP, Mr. Abhir Raj Metkar from CDAC Trivandrum, Prof. M. S. Mohan Kumar, Chandra Rupa, Mr Prasad and Sudarshana from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.


  • Deciding on a tentative number of level sensors required in the pilot study area
  • Identification of the possible locations for sensor installation.
  • Installation of one level sensor in the Hydraulics laboratory set up for testing.


Location 1: Inlet to Gottigere Kere

Existing drains were observed. This location was identified as a possible location for level sensor installation due to the presence of the culvert.

Location 2: Outlet of Gottigere Kere

This location is practically not connected with the downstream portion of the drainage area. Drain no. BH524 starts after this location. The old drain coming out of Gottigere Kere was completely chocked and there was no flow through it. The drain was encroached upon by rapidly growing construction works. Prof Mohan Kumar suggested that this could be a suitable location for installing moisture sensors.

Outlet of the Gottigere Lake

Location 3: Near MLA Layout

It is a low lying area. Existing concrete drains were observed. It is a possible location for installation of the level sensor.

Location 4: Inlet to Hulimavu Kere at Nobonagar

Existing concrete drains were observed. It was identified as a possible location for level sensor installation.

Location 5: Inlet to Hulimavu Kere

This location was also identified as a suitable location for sensor installation although flow is largely obstructed by debris.

Location 6: Outlet of Hulimavu Kere

Drain no BH541 starts from here. There is no concrete drain at this location. Natural drain exists in this area. Mr Abhir Raj suggested that a level sensor can be mounted here by constructing a small steel or concrete frame.

Location 7: Confluence of BH541, BH544 and BH552A

This location is the confluence of three drains coming out from three lakes, namely BH541 from Hulimavu Kere, BH544 from Akshaynagara Kere location and BH552A from Are Kere. These drains are already constructed at most of the regions. Mr Abhir Raj suggested that a level sensor can deployed at the junction point of these drains. Prof Mohan Kumar mentioned that three separate level sensor and flow sensors should be installed in three drains meeting at this location. In this way, contribution of each of the micro watershed could be studied.

Location 8:

Here a box drain was under construction. It is a feasible location for mounting the level sensor inside the box drain

Location 9: Inlet to Madivala Kere

There is one existing drain in this location and the area is surrounded by fences. Mr Abhir Raj said this location would be ideal for safe installation of the sensor. There was a baffle wall at the outlet of the drain segregating the sewage from the storm water before entering into the lake.