Field visit with CDAC team: March 2014

Date: 18-23 March 2014


Mr. Ananthswamy, Chief Engineer (SWD), BBMP, a couple of his engineers, Mr. Y. D. Manmohan from STUP Consultants and a team of his engineers, the four engineers from CDAC Trivandrum, namely, Mr. Abhir Raj Metkar, Mr. Pradosh S., Miss. Aditi and Miss. Saranya, and Prof. M. S. Mohan Kumar, Ms. Chandra Rupa, Mr. Sheetal Kumar and Ms. Apoorva Shastry from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.


The points that were visited and discussed are marked on the map below.

Gottigere Kere:

One inlet to Gottigere lake and the outlet were observed. BDA is constructing a 5m wide storm water drain for 700m. Construction work has already begun (BH 523). The excavation for the drain has already started.

Gottigere Lake

Gottigere Lake Inlet

This inlet is a sensitive area, as there is a little part of lake on the other side of NICE Road. This point was not visited, but is an important inlet to the lake.

This outlet of the lake has been closed by miscreants filling up the outlet and removing the weir.

Outlet of the Gottigere Lake

The weir has been removed by miscreants. It was also noted that the outlet drain from this lake has been filled up, and are currently being used as roads. But it was mentioned that this stretch of filled up drain (BH 524) has been planned as a box drain. The surrounding area has buildings with basement parking, which are likely to get flooded in an event of a rainfall.

Outlet drain from Gottigere Lake (where drain has been converted to a road)

No drains exist in this area, and the area is mostly not developed. In the developed parts, areas have been left vacant for the construction of storm water drains (BH 532). This area is known to flood during rains. This drain drains into Hulimavu lake.

Inlet to Hulimavu Lake

This is another inlet to Hulimavu lake, which gets a lot of sewage. A part of lake area on the other side of main road had been encroached, but the encroached area will be converted into a Sewage Treatment Plant (2MLD). The sewage will be taken from the sewers that are planned to run along the SWD (BH 524). The treated sewage will be let out into the Hulimavu Lake. The sewage that the STP cannot handle will be redirected to a primary sewer drain.

Sewage coming into Hulimavu Lake (Proposed STP Construction site)

This is the outlet of Hulimavu lake, where a weir is present. The area is prone to flooding. This point is the starting point of BH 541.

Outlet of Hulimavu Lake

This is the inlet to the Madivala lake, and this lake has a sewer line running around the lake, to prevent the direct entry of sewage into the lake.

Sewer Line around Madivala Lake