Social media mistakes that can ruin the brand and hamper business

Social media acts as the mirror for your business. A person judges the company based on their online presence and posts. It is said that social media can build your business and increase sales but if not done right it can even damage and ruin your brand.

Many social media marketers use wrong techniques that hamper business, therefore one needs to choose the right social media marketing company for building the right reputation online.

Let us go through some social media mistakes that will ruin your brand and hamper business.

• Present on all social media networks

Building social media presence is important but it is not necessary to make profiles everywhere. It takes a lot of time to be present and build engagement on every platform and that is where quality hinders. Therefore, make business profiles at platforms that best suits your business niche.

Businesses that are image oriented and have products to display can use Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram platforms whereas; businesses that have services to offer can use Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn platforms.

Hence, choose the right social media platform and do not waste time being present everywhere.

• Absorbing only positive feedback

Everyone loves compliments and receiving positive feedback makes you happy but learn to even take negative comments and feedback. Ignoring them is the biggest social media mistake that you will do. Agreed that negative comments hurt and influence many other people, but responding to negative comments will help you score in client servicing and customer support. Additionally, it gives a better idea of what people think about your brand and how they want you to improve. Therefore, take negative comments seriously and concentrate on learning from them and improving.

• Posting too much

We understand that you are excited to post your creative content on your social media platform but posting all of them in one go can be harmful. Maybe you are unaware of the scheduling tools that many social media platforms offer.

If you post inconsistently, your audience might even unfollow you and put you in spam.

Use scheduling tools and post content consistently or else it will harm your brand reputation. Do not irritate your audience!

• Not posting at all

This is just the opposite of the above point. Remember, people will only know your brand if you interact with them and be active on social media. Publish posts on social media that are relevant and engage your audience. Being numb will only spoil your brand image and if you plan on to come back with posts, it will get difficult for you to regain the reputation.

Therefore, consistently publish posts and schedule them accordingly by using some online tools like HootSuite.

• Uploading common post

Only uploading links won’t work and engage your audience. Show your creativity by posting various types of content. On Facebook, you can post images, videos, slideshows, carousels, GIFs, infographics, upload links, etc. Do not post the same type and common posts and make yourself boring.

• Not analyzing results

Getting followers, likes and comments is not the only objective of using social media marketing. It is important that you analyze the results and keep a track of how posts are performing and whether your audience is liking it. Also, keep a track of conversion rates. One must analyze results on a weekly or monthly basis.

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