How to get started with Pinterest Marketing - Informative Post

New technologies, innovations are coming up every day. Many fail to make a mark but many stand out from the crowd and make it a success. While there are innumerable social media platforms, only a few have done their best in impressing with innovations. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, are some of the top social media platforms. Additionally, we have one more social media platform that is already famous and is emerging more and more. Yes, we are talking about Pinterest.

Social media marketing, part of Digital Marketing becomes a must for almost all the businesses then how can we forget this huge social media platform and it should be avail by the best Digital Marketing Agency in Mumbai

Pinterest is about sharing and browsing images, GIFs, infographics, etc. It was launched in the year 2010. Studies have revealed that an average person spends minimum 15 minutes once it logs in the app or website. Pinterest was known as the fastest growing social media network with more than 150 million users.

With so many users and also known as the fastest growing social media network, how can we miss marketing here?

Today let us go through a step-by-step guide on how to get started with Pinterest marketing.

• Business page

Just like all other social media platforms, you have to make a business page on Pinterest that will represent your brand and where you can post your content. You also have an option of converting your personal account to your business account. If you want a speared page for your business account, you sign in for a new account.

• Setting up your page

Once you have signed in, you have to choose a business page name that can be your company’s name.

Set a profile picture so that people can easily recognize you. Your logo would be the best profile picture for your business page.

A username needs to be set which should be between 3 to 15 characters. Your company’s name itself can be the username or something similar to it. This username is to create your page URL.

There is an About you section where you can add a small bio of maximum 160 characters. Make full use of 160 characters and let people know what your business is all about and what content you share.

You can even add your location and website link in the section provided

The next step would be to create boards. Pinterest lets you pin images on the board. The followers of the boards will be able to see your pins. Therefore, make sure that you give alluring names and descriptions and make people aware of what you’re pinning. You can later add a specific category related to the board so that people find it easier to find you.

• Analytics

Like all other social media platforms, Pinterest also has its own analytics section that is only available for business pages. There is a tab on the top left-hand corner of the navigation bar where one will find analytics related to views, engagement on pins and boards and also information about the people following you. These metrics will give you a fair idea of how your Pinterest is working out for your brand.

Here are some tips for optimizing Pinterest in the best way and some facts:

• The perfect size dimensions of Pinterest images are 735x1102 pixels. These appear to be tall.

• There is more number of people using Pinterest on mobile phones, therefore make sure your text overlays and infographics are visible enough on mobile phones.

• Pinterest is not fond of hashtags.


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