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The following self paced courses are available.

The Mindful Living course

The Healing the Inner Child course

The Dare to Live Fully course

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Jungian Analytical Psychotherapy   Dream Work       Heroic Myth Index

Internal Family Systems Therapy   Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy  

Family Systems Therapy

Soma-Talk Therapy

Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy



Complete the PHP 9 (depression) ,

 The GAD 7 (anxiety) 

the Trauma Symptom Questionnaires  

   Keirsey Temperament Sorter      Keirsey Personality Types   

Enneagram Assessment    Enneagram Types 

 ADHD Questionnaire       Adult Attention Deficit   

Post Traumatic Growth Inventory

Suicide Assessment

Locus of Control

OCD Screening

Neurological Screening

Core Values Assessment

Life Recovery Self Assessment

Career Interest Survey

Post Traumatic Growth Inventory

Connor Resiliency Scale


What is Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy?    

Life Strategic Plan

ADHD Workbook


Techniques to Stop Panic and Anxiety

Create Oxytocin Naturally

10 Forms of Twisted Thinking

Becoming Resilient    

 Risk Taking    

   Pet Loss    

 Porn Addiction         

The 40 Questions of Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous

  CBT Cheat sheet for Anxiety

  Stages of Change

ADHD Workbook

Rejection Sensitivity

Managing Adult Attention Disorder (explanation and resources)

Survivor Personality Characteristics

Active Relaxation

Executive Functioning  


Anger Management Workbook

Coping Skills

Breaking the ANT (Automatic Negative Thoughts) Habit

Challenging Thoughts Worksheet

Anxiety: Unhelpful Thoughts

Cognitive Restructuring Thoughts Exercise

Replacing Negative Thoughts

Thinking Traps

De-Activity vs Reactivity

Work Addiction

Attachment Styles



Infidelity Recovery Workbook for Couples

Transactional Analysis Relationship Games   

Games Couples Play  

Couples Questions   

Relationship Reciprocit

  Intimate Relationship Assessment

Relational Assessment Questionnaire

Signs of an Abusive Relationship   

Setting Boundaries with your Partner's Family    

The Narcissistic Relationship

Interpersonal Trust Scale

Compulsive Caretaking in Relationships

Codependency Characteristics

Fair Fighting Rules

Repairing a Relationship After an Affair

Couples Therapy Workbook

The Emotionally Abusive Relationship


 Inner Child work: 

Ed Geraty's Inner Child Workbook

 Intro to Inner Child Work    

  Inner Child Work Part 2   

 Parental Nurturance Scale      

Learned Helplessness   

 Deficiency Story    

Wounded Child Questionnaire    

 25 Signs of Wounded Child  

Internal Family Systems

The Book: Homecoming; Reclaiming the Inner Child

Attachment Styles

Healthy Boundaries Assessment

Learned Helplessness


Only Child Syndrome


Mindfulness Practice

  Mindful Living Presentation

Nine Mindfulness Principles

 Mindfulness Daily Training Program  (choose 1 handout a day to complete)   

Listen to my meditations:   LovingKindness Meditation      

  Daily Insight Meditation         Mountain Meditation     

  Relaxation Meditation    Hypnorelaxation meditation

   Sunday morning 11 a.m. EST weekly free online Insight Meditation sitting hosted by Ed Geraty LCSW-C  This meditation sitting is open to all. No previous experience with meditation is required

RAIN Technique     Witnessing Your Thoughts    

Stop Trying to Control Thoughts    Self Esteem & Mindfulness

Operating on Autopilot     Mindfulness Reading List     

Judging Your Future     Breaking the ANT Habit     

Becoming Resilient

  Mindful Communication     Mindfulness for You    

Mindfulness Reading List


Spirituality/Spiritual Psychology

The Spiritual Emergence Network

The Road Less Traveled    The Dark Night of the Soul   Waking Up  

The Four Agreements   The Power of Now    Wherever You Go, There 

You Are    When Things Fall Apart     The Places That Scare You


Stress Handouts            Anxiety handouts        Depression Handouts   


Power Point Presentations:

  Living with Dying     Healing the Inner Child   Psychotherapy and Meditation

  Spiritual Emergencies     Mindful Living Course

Disaster ad Special Populations      Jungian Workshop



Mindfulness Anger Management Workbook 

Mindfulness Workbook for Depression   

 Mindfulness Base Stress Reduction Workbook   

Mindfulness and Anxiety Workbook    

Mindfulness OCD Workbook   

Mindful Eating Workbook   

Abandonment Recovery Workbook   

Divorce Recovery Workbook   

Chronic Illness Workbook    

Pain Management Workbook

Adult Attention Deficit Disorder Workbook


My Book: 

 My Undoing; An Inquiry into the Deconstruction of the Self

My Meditation Podcast on Spotify

My YouTube Channel



Jungian focused books: 

The shadow Work Journal

The Invisible Partner: How the Male and Female in Each of Us Affects Our Relationships

Becoming Whole: A Jungian Guide to Individuation

Confrontation with the Unconscious: Jungian Depth Psychology and Psychedelic Experience

Jung's Shadow Concept: The Hidden Light and Darkness within Ourselves

Man and His Symbols

Radical Hope and the Healing Power of Illness: A Jungian Guide to Exploring the Body, Mind, Spirit Connection to Healing

The Art of Dreaming: A Creativity Toolbox for Dreamwork

Other books:

Meditation Now: A Beginner's Guide: 10-Minute Meditations to Restore Calm and Joy Anytime, Anywhere 

Buddha's Brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love & Wisdom  

The Power of Now; Eckhart Tolle   

Full Catastrophe Living 


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