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Author of "My Undoing; An Inquiry 
Into the Deconstruction  of the Self"
Integrating the Wisdom Traditions of the East and West with Contemporary Psychotherapy 

Transformative Counseling & Meditation Training

Framed within a traditional counseling practice, Transformative Counseling draws from the vast knowledge of the Eastern and Western  Wisdom Traditions;  Buddhist practice, Advaita Vedenta (Consciousness),  mystical spirituality and philosophy, and Earth Centered  practices, as well as the insights and principles of modern psychology and Integral Theory.  Wisdom, used in this context,  refers to a means of personal transformation, of expanding our consciousness in the ways we define ourselves and how we understand and relate to our world. 

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Through an experiential investigation of our beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and physical reactions, we come to a greater understanding and experience of "who we are" and how we operate.

Through a greater study and understanding of consciousness principles espoused for centuries we are better able to find our place in the Universe

Transformative Counseling
uses not only techniques that provide insight into our individual personalities and behaviors, but also explores the transpersonal nature of our reality and assists us in integrating this "larger awareness" into our experience.

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Transformative Life Coaching
Transformative Life coaching is available for individuals who are not seeking treatment for a diagnosable mental or emotional disorder and does not become part of your permanent medical record. 
Learn about the powerful and life changing  Dare To Live Fully! Life Coaching program in office or online. 
Learn about the Attitudinal Healing life and health coaching program in office or online.
Life Coaching is not insurance reimbursable. 
To learn more about my services and to learn about the Transformative Meditation half-day training offered throughout the year click on the boxes at the top of this page.
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