The Tele-Therapy Practice of Ed Geraty LCSW-C, LICSW

Practicing in MD, DC, VA, VT,  FL, DE, & WV.


                                                            Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP)                    

                                       Certified Tele-mental Health Practitioner

                                                                                         Certificate in Jungian Psychotherapy                                                     

                                   American Assoc. for Psychoanalysis  in Clinical   Social Work

                             Greater Washington Society for Clinical Social Work; Education Chair

Tele-therapy groups

I work through four Tele-therapy practices; 

Insite Integrative Services, 

UpLift, Sondermind

and Headway  

Each Tele-therapy group accepts different insurances and provides services in different states. 

I am licensed to provide services in MD, DC, VA, FL, DE and WV

Once I know your insurance carrier and your state of residence, I can let you know how to complete the Intake information for the specific practice and set up an initial tele-therapy session.

Please complete this Initial Inquiry Form and I will contact you about how to register for the appropriate tele-therapy site and establish an initial appointment. 

Learn about my Mindfulness Practice and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy

 Mindfulness Video

INSITE Guided Meditation Podcast


My YouTube channel

My 11 a.m. Sunday Zoom Insight Meditation sitting

Psychology Today Profile

Welcome to INSITE Integrative Services.   

My name is Ed Geraty and I have been a psychotherapist, life and wellness coach, meditation teacher, and student of the Eastern & Western Wisdom traditions for over 30 years.  

INSITE Integrative Services brings together a mind-body-spirit approach to emotional and physical health for the individual, the group, and the larger community.  INSITE offers a comprehensive selection of services depending on your personal needs whether they be emotional health, hypnotherapy, tele-coaching, physical health and wellness coaching, a focus on career and business goals, health advocacy, exploration of the deeper meaning of life and purpose, meditation and altered states training (hypnosis, neurofeedback, etc.), group work, or  education and training. 

INSITE Integrative  looks deeper than the traditional "fix my life"  band-aid  approach to life's struggles and difficulties.  The INSITE approach is based on the belief that there is a deeper meaning to our experiences and that looking at our lives holistically  and integratively (mind, body, & spirit [with a small s]) can bring us to deeper levels of awareness. This awareness brings us more peace and contentment in our life. 

 Integrating the Wisdom traditions of both the East & the West with modern psychology and science now offers us a much greater and expanded experience of life.  It really is a journey!  

This website discusses the Transformative nature of my services in terms of integrating the Eastern & Western Wisdom traditions with modern psychology.  It provides a number of resources on health and wellness, Non-duality, herbs for mental health, life coaching programs, CAM (Complementary & alternative medicine), links to consciousness raising websites, and a host of other information.  I accept most major insurance plans for psychotherapy.

Listen to my hypno-meditation practice script for relaxation.

This website explains my services that are now available to virtually anyone.  Life Coaching can be provided anywhere. Virtual meditation training is now also available. Sometimes one-on-one meditation training is much more effective that a group format, and now it can be provided via video room. 

Listen to my Mountain Meditation

Visit the INSITE Integrative Community Facebook page  for transformative and integrative people like you , post your thoughts, and read the discussions and resources.

Rent A Zen Mountain Retreat in Berkeley Springs, WV for your individual or small group (up to 5 individuals) retreats. Approximately 90 minutes from Baltimore/DC.  To learn more, or to inquire about availability and pricing,  go to A Zen Mountain Retreat.

Listen to my meditations  on my INSITE Podcast

After reviewing the particular INSITE Integrative service that you feel may be beneficial to you, feel free to  email me  or call me to discuss forming a working relationship with me to assist you on your journey.

   Ed Geraty

(410) 504-1551

A reminder about fees: 

Virtual and in-office psychotherapy visits are insurance reimbursable based on your specific insurance policy.

There is a 24 hour cancelation policy. Sessions that are canceled with less than 24 hour notice are billed directly to you and are not reimbursable by your insurance.  

Unfortunately I am unable to hold free initial telephone "get acquainted" conversations prior to your first appointment.  Your first session is the opportunity to meet each other and see if we feel we can work together to meet your therapy goals.

Life & wellness coaching, health advocacy, virtual meditation training, & virtual home health visits are not insurance reimbursable and are billed directly to you at 90$ per 50 minute session (both in office or virtual). 

Trainings and speaking engagements can be negotiated individually.