Creating Wider and Wider Circles of Women becoming more of who they are fully, fiercely, unapologetically.

What women are saying

I had the pleasure of attending Dona’s women’s health immersion weekend for the first time in March 2018 at Yoga Plus and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that it has singlehandedly divided my (menstrual) life into before and after.

For as long as I can remember, my period was something I would dread every month; my relationship to it was toxic, to say the least… an enemy I both loathed and feared, despite its onset being a regular inevitability. The excruciating pain would incapacitate me at least one to two days each time, leaving me curled up with cold sweat in bed feeling like I was dying a slow death. And for several years, very oddly, sneezing uncontrollably, throat itching, ears rining and eyes puffing up & tearing… like I was allergic to myself. Every. Month. (Since my 20s). In hindsight, I probably was.

I can honestly say that I haven’t had a single case of menstrual cramps since that first workshop. Understanding my cycle from multiple perspectives – physiological/biological, energetic, traditional Chinese medicine and wholistic wellness – led to a simple yet powerful shift in mindset, which also completely shifted both my experience and relationship to her.

With awareness, intention and practice, I have since been slowly yet increasingly able to welcome my period as a dear sister and wise crone whom I can cuddle with in my cave, to rest with, reflect with & learn from. - Giselle Tomimbang, Philippines

"Another cycle of cramps free bleeding since we did our workshop! I realize how powerful my mind has been in working up my body. Ever since i had a shift in mindset, acknowledging boundaries, letting go of things beyond me, my physical issues nearing my blood phase just went away! OMG thank you so much Dona and sisters for this truly life changing experience!" - Raech Tablante, Philippines

My sessions with Dona have had a profound impact on my journey towards personal growth and thriving. She has helped me come into a deeper acceptance of my body, and in the process, this has led to awareness and understanding of how my body communicates with me. I now feel safer in my body and more comfortable in my own skin, which is leading towards a greater intimacy and harmony within my body, mind and spirit. - Lia S.Bernardo, Psychoneurology and Integrative Health Practitioner, Philippines

Dona brings a delightfully joyful and radiant light to women's health care and embodiment. It through her light, yet vibrant educative and experiential work with students that they grow and mature on a personal level. This was my experience under Dona's committed support of my training. In her loving and compassionate way, Dona lifted my life as I have also seen her do with others. - Veronica Wills, Sydney, Australia

Dona has pioneered a path on Women's Wellness in the Philippines. Her combined training and experience in yin yoga, movement, embodiment practices, energy management puts her in a unique position to help other women. Her Period Project, which focuses on menstrual health, has helped many women in the Philippines and other countries like Singapore and Copenhagen. Her teaching style and facilitation skills are world-class and participants can be assured of walking away with something life-changing. – Dinah Salonga, Philippines

Dona imparts so much incredible wisdom in her workshops! She is an extremely giving, open hearted soul -- ready to share without hesitation her sea of knowledge on the complex lifecycle we as women experience - sometimes very unprepared! I attended Dona's one day workshop while in Singapore in 2016, not knowing what to expect, and left feeling so much more in touch with my cycle, and also with a sense of feeling greater kindness towards myself and greater acceptance of my ups and downs, ebbs and flows throughout each phase. It all became so much more relevant. The yoga practice she shared was deeply nourishing and restful and felt so perfect for my body, as I happened to be menstruating. Perfect. The 'circle' was complete for me through being able to connect with other women, and learn that our journey is so much more shared and supportive than I ever opened up to before.

Thank you Dona, you are a true Goddess. - Fiona Galloway, Perth, Australia

There was something in the energetic presence of this woman that was both extremely soft and warrior-like at the same time. In her eyes I could see a sparkle of fire that talked to me about the wild side that inhabits and is fully awake in Dona's heart and it is that very fire that made me connect to her so deeply. She wasn't and isn't afraid of being fully who she is , of being the strong and, at the same time, vulnerable woman that she is, the wild and the serious woman, the one that can dance for hours long and, at the same time, take part in business conferences. It is the ability of living in both worlds that makes Dona such a special teacher and, on top of all, human being. I remember of how amazed I was in speaking with her of highly philosophical issues, yet, at the same time her ability of simply laughing and appreciating life's small gifts. Her love and joy for teaching and transmitting her knowledge is incredible and I do believe that her passion is fed from that very fire I encountered in her eyes many times, a fire that keeps her wanting to be more present, more awake and more of service. There is immense gratitude towards life for letting my path cross that of Dona's who I now can consider not only a friend but truly a soul sister. - Emy Cianci, Italy